How To Effectively Use Social Media in the Travel Industry

Social Media has changed the way we travel. There's no question about it - the travel landscape is changing. Social media is bringing travel inspiration and knowledge to the masses, and people are hungry for more. Social media has become the ultimate form of word of mouth marketing, and … [Read more...]

Magnolia’s Brand and Website

For over 20 years, Magnolia's Restaurant and Catering in Macomb, Illinois has been known for its creative, Southern-inspired menu items and welcoming atmosphere. Throughout the website design and copy, we highlighted their dedication to supporting local farmers and including fresh, locally-sourced … [Read more...]

8 Signs You Need a Website Redesign

When is the last time you visited or made a purchase from a new business without doing some online research first? Odds are, at the very least you did a quick Google search and visited their website to make sure they were legit. When a potential customer visits your website, you have 50 … [Read more...]

How to Convert Followers Into Customers

Does it ever feel like you’re just speaking into a void when you post on social media? Maybe your overall engagement is nonexistent, or you’re just hearing crickets when you actually try to sell to your followers. I get it. When you’re not seeing results from social media, it’s hard to see the value … [Read more...]

Aspenglow Brand & Website

The owner of Aspenglow Photography was ready to start taking her business seriously. Her photography had grown from a passion to a real business, but she didn't have the brand or website needed to fully make the transition. Treehouse Creative provided Aspenglow Photography with a focused brand, … [Read more...]

How To Set Up a Google Listing for your Business

Your business needs to be on Google. I'll say it again: your business needs to be on Google. Your customers are looking for your business and if you aren’t on Google, they’re not finding you. How many times have you been in a new place or even in your own hometown and needed to look up … [Read more...]