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Discovery Phase

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Project Phases

Phase 1
Pre-Project Planning

You’ll be provided with a pre-project checklist that includes all of the files and information needed to get started on the project.

Phase 2
Content Development

You will receive a document containing your website’s written content for review and will be allowed up to 2 rounds of revisions.

Phase 3
Website Design

The design of your homepage and one interior page will be completed and presented to you in PDF format. You will be allowed up to 2 rounds of design revisions.

Phase 4
Website Development

Your website will be developed on a live test site. You will receive the URL and password so that you can review and test your fully functioning website. You will be allowed 1 round of revisions during this phase.

Phase 5
Pre-Launch Testing

Your website will be taken through a pre-launch checklist that ensures that there will be no issues once we go live. This includes extensive testing on all modern browsers, operating systems, and devices.

Phase 6
Website Launch

Your website will be launched outside of business hours, ensuring that you and your customers experience minimal downtime. Your website will also be taken through the testing checklist one last time to make sure that it is functioning flawlessly!