Best answer: Can I change my poll answer on Instagram?

The vote which you cast can be seen by account conducting poll. 2. Think twice before answering as you cannot change your answer! You don’t want to get embarrassed by selecting the wrong choice.

How do you edit a Instagram poll?

Create a new Instagram Story by tapping the “+” icon and sliding over to “story”. Tap the sticker icon at the top of the screen (it’s square with a smiley). Tap to select the “poll” sticker icon. Fill in the question for your poll and edit your answer options.

How do you change your vote on Instagram stories?

When you’ve finished customizing your poll, tap on the checkmark or Done button in the top-right corner of the screen. The poll sticker will center on the screen of your story. As with any other sticker, you can drag the poll around the screen for placement and pinch to make the poll sticker larger or smaller.

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How do you make a multiple answer poll on Instagram?

If you want to add three or four answers to your polls in an easy way, you can use the combination of the regular Poll sticker and Emoji slider sticker. What you need to do is add two values in the Poll sticker and the other one or two on the Emoji slider.

How do I add more options to a poll?

Click on the poll icon, and you’ll go back to the “create a post” screen where you can add your question and options. You can add more possible answers by clicking the “+Add Option”. Use “Poll Options” to allow people to add options and enable/disable people from choosing multiple answers.

What happens if you vote on your own Instagram poll?

Once you vote, the result of the poll becomes visible for all sliding through your story on Instagram. so i usually avoid voting on the poll till its close to its expiration or i just swipe up to see result. your followers will not be aware no; as only you can view what users have voted on the polls on your story.

When you answer a poll on Instagram is it anonymous?

So, Are the Polls Anonymous or Not? To put it shortly- No, they aren’t. While many people were outraged that their opinions would be so unsubtly shown to the person who asked for them, the main idea of the Instagram crew that installed the feature wasn’t to expose the people’s identities or anything.

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Can you see poll results on Instagram?

1. To view the results of an Instagram poll you’ve created, open the Instagram app and tap your profile icon at the top-left of the screen to view your Story. 2. On the Story slide with the poll, you’ll see the overall results.

How do I create a poll with more than 2 options?

Using Quiz Sticker

One of the best ways to add multiple options in your Instagram poll is by using the Quiz sticker. The Quiz sticker lets you add up to 4 options instead of 2 as present in the regular poll sticker. The thing with this sticker is that the creator needs to select one correct option.

Can you do more than 2 options on Instagram poll?

Instagram now has two different poll stickers you can add to your stories: the classic poll with two customizable answer options, and the newer emoji slider.

How do you answer multiple answers on Instagram?

To add multiple responses to your image, find the question in your story and tap at the very bottom of the screen where it says how many people have seen that story. On the next screen, tap See All next to Responses. Now you can see all of the responses you’ve received to your question.

What is Facebook poll?

A Facebook poll is what you would probably expect it to be – a poll that has been created on Facebook. They can be created on personal walls, on pages, in groups, and in messages. … The poll results are then tallied as members vote, and members are able to vote more than once if you allow them to do so.

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Can you have more than 2 options on a Facebook poll?

Facebook also lets you create polls with more than two options as answers. To do so, write “poll” in the search bar and click the following option: Click “get started now”.

How do I create a multiple question poll on Facebook?

Create a Facebook Poll Within a Facebook Group

  1. From your News Feed, click Groups in the left menu and select your group.
  2. Click Write Something and select Poll.
  3. Enter a question and then click add option… to enter options for group members to select.
  4. Click Post.