Best answer: Does blocking someone on twitter delete DMs?

Spotted by lifehacker, upon blocking a person your DM history with them will be immediately erased. Be it spam messages from bots or just generally unpleasant Twitter conversations, Twitter has made it pretty easy to black someone.

Can someone see your DMs after you block them Twitter?

Nope. They cannot even see the direct message, unless they looked at it before you blocked them. And it’ll be gone after you block them. And they can’t see your comments anywhere, reply to you, or even see your profile.

How do you delete Twitter DMs on both sides?

Find the offending DM thread and open it up. Hover over the direct message that you want to delete, and you should see a trash can icon. Click on the trash can icon. Click on “Delete message” to confirm the deletion.

What happens when you block someone on Twitter?

When you block someone on Twitter, you completely remove any links you have with that user. … You won’t be able to see their tweets, be tagged in photos, be added to lists, or be messaged by (or indeed, message) the user being blocked.

What happens to DMs When you delete Twitter?

As for your DMs, they will also disappear once you deactivate. They will show up again if you return, but if you don’t, they will be permanently deleted. Your posts will also disappear from users’ feeds.

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What is soft blocking on Twitter?

Twitter is rolling out a new feature that lets any user on the web remove a follower without blocking them, an action also known as a “soft block.” … The ability to remove a follower is Twitter’s latest feature to give users more control over their experience on the platform to help curb abuse and harassment.

What does you can no longer send messages to this person mean?

This message appears when the recipient doesn’t want to receive direct messages from the sender. … You’ll be able to read past messages that were delivered, but won’t be able to send new messages. There are three reasons you might see this message: The person blocked you.