Can I delete my YouTube comments?

Go to Comment History. Click or tap the video link. Next to the comment in YouTube, select More . Select Edit or Delete .

How do I delete all of my comments on YouTube?

Navigate to the “Comments” tab. This will bring up your entire comment history. You can delete any or all comments by using the drop down menu at the right side of each comment and clicking delete. This will engage a confirmation prompt asking if you really want to delete the comment.

Can you delete your own comments on YouTube?

YouTube users can now go back and delete any comment they have published in the past by clicking a new button that appears in the “Text Comments” section below the video. Unfortunately, you can only delete your own comments. To all YouTube users who are reading: please schedule a couple of hours to do this.

Why can’t I delete my YouTube comment?

They aren’t in your control because YouTube control the ability to delete comments, not you. Anyone and everyone can post comments on your video. You can only delete the video if you feel too offended. If you want to try to remove them you can report them and YouTube MIGHT remove it.

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How do you delete all comments on YouTube 2021?

Or if you are a content creator, you can delete the comments others have left on your channel.

Getting Rid Of Every Comment You’ve Ever Made On YouTube

  1. Find the comment in your history.
  2. Select More (Three Horizontal Dots Icon).
  3. Select Delete.
  4. Confirm that you want to delete it permanently.

Do Youtubers get notified when you delete a comment?

Simple answer, yes, we do get notified, in fact, you deleting it doesn’t stop us seeing it. Longer answer, you don’t even need to necessarily comment on our video, if you so much as reply to a comment someone is following, they’ll get the notification and if they get an email, you’ll forever have that comment recorded.

Can anyone see my YouTube comments?

You’re safe from people searching your name on YouTube but people can find your comments through a Google search. When you comment on a YouTube video, that comment is displayed alongside the video.

Will deleting my YouTube account delete my comments?

All your comments and replies will be permanently deleted. Your account data on other Google properties will not be removed. If you want to make your content viewable to others, or if you want to upload, comment, or use playlists, you can re-enable the channel.

How do I delete all comments?

Remove comments from a Word document

  1. To delete a single comment in the document, right-click the comment, and choose Delete Comment.
  2. To delete all the comments in the document, go to the Review tab, click the down-arrow on Delete, and choose Delete All Comments in Document.
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