Can I have two Instagram accounts on later?

Yes, you can manage multiple Instagram accounts with Later on any of our paid plans. Each paid plan includes 1 Social Set, but you can add additional Social Sets at an additional cost per Social Set. Free plans are limited to 1 Social Set, and therefore 1 Instagram account.

How do you add another account on Instagram later?

Adding a Social Profile

  1. In Later on the web, go to Social Sets & Access Groups.
  2. Click Edit next to the Access Group you want to add a social profile to.
  3. Click Add Social Profile.
  4. Select an empty social profile slot from your current Social Sets or a new Social Set.
  5. Click Add Social Profile at the bottom.

How do I switch accounts in later?

Switch Social Profiles on Web

  1. From Later on the web, click the Access Groups Selector to go to the Access Group you’d like to view. …
  2. From the top of the Calendar, click the check mark (✓) on the social profiles you want to add (or remove) from your current Calendar view.

How do I post to multiple accounts on later?

With Later you can schedule posts for multiple profiles at the same time, and customize the post for each. This article will show you how.

  1. Step 1: Choose your Social Profiles. …
  2. Step 2: Choose Your Media. …
  3. Step 3: Add Your Caption. …
  4. Step 4: Customize Your Post.
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Can I have two unrelated Instagram accounts?

Yes, you can have two or more Instgram accounts! What’s more, it’s easy to create multiple accounts on Instagram. That means you can separate your interests, start up a new profile for your business, or post pictures in private that your real-life friends won’t see (just your online buddies).

How do you separate two Instagram accounts?

How to unlink two Instagram accounts

  1. Open the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android and head to your profile page.
  2. Tap the three lines in the top-right corner, and then select Settings. Open your Instagram settings. …
  3. Tap Login Info. …
  4. Tap the three dots next to the account you want to unlink, and then tap Remove.

How do I link two Instagram accounts?

Tap in the bottom right to go to your profile. Tap in the top right, then tap Switch Accounts. Tap Add Account, then tap Log in with Instagram. Enter the username and password of the account you’d like to add.

Can you pre schedule an Instagram post?

Yes! Instagram posts and IGTV videos can both be scheduled up to six months in advance through Facebook’s Creator Studio.

Does Later automatically post to Instagram?

Now, when you enable Auto Publish with Later, your photo will automatically post to Instagram at the scheduled time! … You can only schedule single photos and videos directly to Instagram. To schedule carousel posts, you will still need to use notifications.

Is Later for Instagram FREE?

Yes, Later has a free plan as one of its five pricing plans. With the free plan, you will have 1 social set, 1 user, 30 posts per social profile and basic Instagram analytics.

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