Can I post someone else’s video on Instagram?

You can repost a video on Instagram from another user in several ways, using the official Instagram app, a screen recording, or a third-party app. To repost a video to your Instagram Story, tap the paper plane icon underneath the video post you want to share.

Is it legal to repost videos on Instagram?

As long as you have prior permission to use someone’s post, using this app (or another repost app) is compliant with terms of service. The Repost for Instagram app adds the creator’s Instagram handle to the image you’re resharing.

Can I post other people’s YouTube videos on my Instagram?

The short answer is — yes, you can share a YouTube video on Instagram. … That’s why before you re-upload any copyrighted material, you should make sure you have the permission of the person who posted the video. And it’s always a good idea to credit them in your post so that people can go back to the source.

Is reposting someone’s video illegal?

However, if the video’s copyright belongs to someone else and you repost it without their permission, you are illegally infringing on their rights to determine who is is allowed to repost their video and where and when it can be reposted.

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Is video repost illegal?

It is not legal. You cannot use someone else’s content without permission. Doing so is illegal copyright infringement.

How do you post someones video?

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open Instagram and find a photo or video to repost. Open your Instagram app and find the post you want to repost. …
  2. Paste the post’s share URL into DownloadGram. …
  3. Download the post. …
  4. Open Instagram and find the photo or video in your camera roll. …
  5. Add a caption and share your repost.

How can I upload a video on Instagram?

Here’s how:

  1. On your desktop, open your web browser.
  2. Go to
  3. Click the button of your profile picture to navigate to your profile.
  4. Click the IGTV section under your bio.
  5. Click Upload.
  6. Click the large + sign to select your video or drag and drop the video file.

What are the rules for reposting on Instagram?

5 Rules To Repost Instagram User-Generated Content

  • Define What Content To Repost & Educate Team. …
  • Curate Content From Diverse Sources. …
  • Ask For Permission From Users. …
  • Implied Permission With Brand Hashtag. …
  • Follow Finance’s “Credit The Giver” Rule.

Can I post someone else’s photo on Instagram?

To share someone else’s Instagram photo, you need to get their permission. “Without [permission], you’re infringing on someone else’s copyrighted work. … It’s just a lot easier for people to infringe on others’ copyrights.” You can only share Instagram photos without permission when Instagram allows it.

Can I repost someone else’s Instagram post?

Like many of Instagram’s reposting features, you can only repost someone’s photos or videos if their account is public. If the user has a private account, you can still share the post by sending it as a Direct Message to someone, but you won’t have the option to add it to your Story.

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Can I post a copyrighted picture on Instagram?

While there are a few exceptions to copyright laws, the best answer to the question, “Can you post a copyrighted photo on social media?” is “No.”

Do you have to ask for permission to repost on Instagram?

If you want to cover your bases legally, it’s important to always ask for permission before reposting someone else’s photo to Instagram. … You may also need the permission of any person depicted in a photograph. That means you’re technically required to ask for permission for use.

Can you repost your own post on Instagram?

The Instagram platform offers no option for reposting. Instagram only allows users to share via Facebook, Instant Messenger, copy the URL or tweet the content.