Can I see who blocked me on Instagram?

How do you find out who blocked me on Instagram?

Visit their Instagram profile on the web.

Launch any mobile or desktop browser and enter If you can see their profile on the browser but not on the app, it means they blocked you. If you cannot see the profile via Instagram on the web, the person could have deleted their account.

How can I see who blocked me on Instagram for free?

Who blocked you on Instagram?

  1. Open the Instagram App and click the Search Button.
  2. Search for the culprit’s username. …
  3. Go to a mutual friend’s Instagram. …
  4. Go through their posts, likes, comments, and followers to see if the suspect’s username appears.
  5. If the user’s name appears, click on it.

Can I see the profile of someone who blocked me?

If you see the display image of the person you’re looking for, click on it. You’ll be able to partially view the profile (depending on their privacy settings) if they’ve simply unfriended you. But if you’ve been blocked, you won’t be able to access anything.

How do you know if someone blocked you on Instagram 2020?

How to know if someone blocked you on Instagram

  1. You cannot find user on search bar (if you have not searched before)
  2. You cannot see their following.
  3. You cannot see their posts.
  4. You cannot see their followers.
  5. You cannot see any of their Instagram stories.
  6. Even if you send message, they will not receive.
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Did they delete Instagram or block me?

It’s possible that the account has been deleted or deactivated, so to confirm that this is not the case, log out of your account and perform the search again in an incognito browser. If you are able to see the profile, then you can be sure you have been blocked. If not, then the account is probably gone.