Can I share quiz results Instagram?

Available now, the new interactive Instagram Stories quiz sticker lets you share trivia-style multiple-choice questions with your followers and track the results.

How do you show your results on Instagram quiz?

Interact with Quiz Sticker

As a viewer, if you see a quiz sticker, all you need to do is tap on the option that you feel is the correct one. You will be shown the result right away whether your answer is right or wrong.

How do I add another quiz on Instagram?

To use the new Instagram quiz sticker, tap the sticker tray in the upper-right corner of the camera interface. Then look for the “quiz” option. From there, you’ll be able to create your question, add options, and post the quiz directly to your Instagram Story. See a video of the feature in action below.

How do you share a story response on Instagram?

Tap on the first response you want to add to your story. In the pop-up, tap Share Response. When you see the camera screen, make the background a single color. From there, you can drag the response on the screen, make it bigger or smaller, or rotate it.

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Can you share poll results after 24 hours?

Whether you’re trying to plan tomorrow’s outfit, choosing which class to take or figuring out where to go for dinner, now it’s easy to share a two-option poll right in your story. … And just like your story, your poll and its results will disappear after 24 hours.

What happens when you share results on Instagram poll?

It’s super easy – just click the “Share Results” button we mentioned above! This will create a replica of your Story, but instead of the poll sticker, it will show the percentage results for each option. You can add text, GIFS, or doodles to this Story before sharing it with your followers.

Why can’t I see my poll results on Instagram?

Then, you’ll have to re-open the app, and sign in again. If the IG Polls icon still isn’t there, delete and re-install the app. … If you want to see the results from your Poll, doing so is quick and easy. Just click the number of views at the bottom left corner of the photo or video, and the swipe up.

Can you do an Instagram poll with 3 options?

If you want to add three or four answers to your polls in an easy way, you can use the combination of the regular Poll sticker and Emoji slider sticker. What you need to do is add two values in the Poll sticker and the other one or two on the Emoji slider.

Can you make an Instagram poll with more than 2 options?

Instagram has introduced the Quiz sticker that lets you ask multiple-choice questions through Stories, and unlike Polls, you can add up to four options as answers to the question. … When your followers choose an option, they will be informed if their choice is right or not.

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How do you make a couple quiz on Instagram?

‘ quiz. You can find Dan Alves @danalvesvennard. When you’ve clicked on the ‘Couple Love’ filter, just tap ‘try it’ in the bottom left hand corner and voila. You’re in the game.