Can you back out of a Facebook marketplace?

Can you back out of a Facebook Marketplace deal?

Read our tips for buying and selling responsibly on Marketplace. You can cancel orders you sold with shipping and checkout on Marketplace as long as the order isn’t marked as shipped. Neither you nor the buyer will be charged.

How do I cancel a Marketplace order on Facebook?

To cancel your order:

  1. Open the Facebook app and tap .
  2. Tap Marketplace. If you don’t see Marketplace, tap See more.
  3. Tap You at the top, then tap Orders.
  4. Tap the order you want to cancel.
  5. Scroll down and tap Cancel order, then select a reason for canceling your order.
  6. Tap Cancel order to confirm.

How do I dispute a marketplace on Facebook?

Go to Tap Request review. We’ll review your appeal and respond to you within 24 hours. Check for updates in your Support inbox or the email associated with your Facebook account.

How long does Facebook Marketplace refund?

Refunds must be issued within 2 business days from when the seller receives the returned items. Sellers must provide a return shipping label to buyers when accepting a return request from a buyer.

How do I remove shipping from Marketplace?

Look for an item you wish to buy. Open the item you want to hide. Tap the three dots at the top-right corner. Tap “Hide listing.”

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What if you get scammed on Facebook Marketplace?

Sure. Just send them an email and tell them you were scammed and for how much. A check will be in the mail within an hour.

Can you trust Facebook Marketplace?

To avoid this happening to you, BBB reminds to always purchase DIRECTLY from the seller, make sure you see the item in person, and report anything suspicious to Facebook Help Center. So overall, Facebook Marketplace is as safe and secure as any other peer to peer resale site when exercising precaution.

How do I report a seller to the marketplace?

To report a seller on Facebook

  1. Navigate to Marketplace.
  2. Click a listing from the seller you want to report.
  3. Click the arrow in the top right of the screen.
  4. Click on Report Post or Report Seller.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions.