Can you make an Instagram poll anonymous?

If you want to try to trick your followers into telling you their true thoughts, you can also fake an anonymous Instagram poll for them to answer. To do this, select the question sticker for your Instagram story and write, “Ask @(your username) an anonymous question” in the “Ask me a question” spot.

Can you do anonymous questions on Instagram?

Anonymous questions on Instagram refers to the feature through which you can create an anonymous question on your Instagram story. … The question sticker enables you to know what people might like to ask you and it is fun to respond to them and share their anonymous responses on your story as well.

Are question polls on Instagram anonymous?

There are rumors that Instagram released a new feature allowing people to reply these questions anonymously. The difference between the regular Instagram questions and the anonymous questions is the “anonymous” text in the text. To everyone’s surprise, there is no such a new feature on Instagram.

Can anyone see what you vote on Instagram polls?

Once someone has voted on your poll, they’ll see which choice is in the lead at any given moment. … Not only will you see how many votes each option received, but you’ll also see who voted and what option they chose. That way, you’ll be able to compare votes from the friends and followers whose opinions you trust most.

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Can people see your name on Instagram polls?

Instagram recently introduced a new poll feature, which allows users to put a vote button on their Story. Their followers can vote on the poll — and several people apparently thought the votes were anonymous. The bad news? They aren’t.

Where can I ask questions anonymously?

With Slido, people can submit questions anonymously, which brings even the most pressing ones to light.

Do you get notified if someone answers your question on Instagram?

Does Instagram tell you when someone answers your question? You’ll receive a notification when someone responds to your question sticker. You’ll also be able to see the responses by opening your story and swiping up, as mentioned above. … This ensures that they’ll know when you answer their question.

How do you hide your poll results on Instagram?

Hide photos you’re tagged in

If you’re tagged in a picture you don’t want other people to see, go to your profile, hit the photos of you icon, tap the three dots at the top of the screen and choose Hide Photos.