Can you upload a video to Facebook live?

Facebook Premiere is an option on Facebook that lets you schedule and then debut pre-recorded videos as Live moments on your Facebook Page. During the broadcast, viewers can Like, Share and comment in real time. Videos must be at least 30 seconds long. …

Can I livestream a pre-recorded video?

LiveReacting allows uploading pre-recorded video and schedule streams to Facebook live. It’s fully cloud-based, so no third-party software needed.

Can you upload a video to live stream?

Videos can be uploaded to Livestream Events by clicking the Editor icon in the top right corner of any of your event pages. You can either drag and drop your video file or click Browse to find your video within your computer’s hard drive.

How do I stream prerecorded videos on Facebook?

Go to your Facebook window (which should still be open), click to make sure your video preview is displayed in the window, and click Go Live to broadcast your video.

Can I show a YouTube video on Facebook Live?

Facebook and Youtube both have the facility to play pre-recorded video as if it were live. With Premiere, you can: Upload the video. … Set the video as a Premiere.

Can I premiere a video on Facebook?

Premieres lets you schedule and debut videos as Live moments. After the broadcast, the video will be saved on your Page. A Premiere has to be scheduled at least 10 minutes in advance. You won’t be able to launch a Premiere immediately so be sure to plan ahead.

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Can you upload a video to YouTube live?

More videos on YouTube

Click Go Live, then select Stream. Pro tip: If you’ve streamed before, select Copy and create to use the previous settings. Otherwise select New Stream. Add your title, description, category, privacy settings, and upload a thumbnail.

What is streaming software for Facebook live?

1. Wirecast. … Wirecast is a video capture software that allows you to pull video feeds from your desktop, iPhone, and DSLR among other things into your computer and stream them live on Facebook.

How do you use Premiere on Facebook?

How to Schedule a Premiere

  1. Click Share photo or video on the Page you want your Premiere to broadcast from.
  2. Click Upload Photos/Video.
  3. Select the video you want to Premiere.
  4. Click Publish.
  5. Select Premiere.
  6. Fill out the fields for Premiere Start Time.
  7. Click Schedule Premiere.