Do you have to use your name on Facebook?

While you don’t have to use your full legal name on Facebook, there are rules as to what types of names you can and cannot use.

What happens if you don’t use your real name on Facebook?

Type your pseudonym or make one up. Facebook doesn’t allow initials and nicknames can only be used in the following format: “First Name, Nickname, Last Name.” The only way to hide your full name is to use a fake one.

Do you have to use your legal name on Facebook?

Nothing prevents a company like Facebook from requiring that users register with a legal name — unless the process is simply a front for discrimination. California and other states have civil rights laws preventing discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, so Silicon Valley-based Facebook may …

How can I create Facebook account without real name?

Create a Facebook Account

Go to and select Create New Account. Use a fake first and last name, fill in your email or phone number, add a fake birthday and gender. Make sure not to use any of your real details to avoid accidentally revealing your identity. Select Sign Up to confirm.

Can I be anonymous on Facebook?

While you cannot use a Facebook profile anonymously, it is possible to make it difficult for others to find you. Use the “Privacy Preferences” menu to select who can find you in searches. The majority of your profile can also be hidden–your name and profile picture, however, will always be visible on your profile.

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Do you have to use your real name on Facebook 2021?

While Facebook does not require the use of “legal names” on the site, it does demand that users identify with the name that other people know them by. … Secondly, the company will require that users who flag others for using fake names also provide more context.

Should I use my real name online?

It’s good practice to use your real name online where appropriate, and to mindfully build a reputation that furthers your goals. For inconsonant or controversial activities, it’s prudent to use pseudonyms, and to appropriately manage their reputations.

What info is required to join Facebook?

The minimum amount of information required to create a personal Facebook account is a first name, last name, valid email address, password, gender and birth date. Once you’ve created a Facebook account, you can also create pages for a variety of entities, including companies, bands, products and forms of entertainment.