Frequent question: Can you still text 40404 to tweet?

The ability to tweet via text was important to Twitter in the service’s early days, but it’s more of a legacy feature at this point since most people rely on the smartphone app. The feature still exists, though, allowing you to text a number, such as 40404, and have that message posted to your account.

Does Twitter SMS still work?

You can no longer receive tweet notifications via SMS. Twitter is retiring the feature. The company is shutting down the old school “Twitter via SMS” function for most of the world to protect users from potential security threats. “We want to continue to help keep your account safe.

How do I send a tweet via text?

Step 1: Open the Twitter app on your Android device and log in. Step 2: Next tap on the share icon from a Tweet on your Home timeline or from a Tweet detail. Note: Keep in mind that a protected Tweet cannot be shared through a Direct Message. Step 3: Tap Send via Direct Message from the menu.

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What is a text from 40404?

Twitter is said to use “40404” short code to send marketing texts. The same code is also used by Twitter to notify its users regarding their Twitter account activities.

Why is Twitter SMS not working?

To fix this, try to log out of your account and log back in. You should now receive an SMS verification message. However, if this doesn’t work, open the messaging app on your device, type GO and send it to 40404. This should prompt Twitter to send a verification code to your mobile number.

How do I get text messages from Twitter?

Send GO from your phone as a text message to 40404. You’ll receive a text message from Twitter confirming that your device has been verified and SMS alerts have been enabled. Refresh the page until you see your phone number listed. Turn on SMS device updates for your account and then click Save Changes.

What are SMS commands on Twitter?

Twitter SMS Commands

Twitter SMS Command What It Does
message Posts message as a tweet.
@username message Sends a reply to a username. Example: ckroks nice profile!
D username message Sends a direct message to a Twitter user.
FOLLOW username Configures your Twitter profile to follow a Twitter user.

Can you still text to tweet?

For the most part, you can no longer use Twitter as it was originally built to be used: over text message. Last week, Twitter turned off the ability to receive SMS messages containing the text of new tweets. … But there are already complaints from some people who still used SMS to read tweets.

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What is the difference between tweeting and texting?

Twitter is one of the technological crazes that are taking over the world. Probably the most well-known difference between the two is their respective character limits; twitter is set at 140 characters while texting is at 160 characters. …

How do I tweet to someone?

To send a tweet to someone, type the person’s username in the format “@username” (without quotes). Enter the username at the beginning of the tweet to send an @reply, or enter it within the tweet to send a mention.

How do I follow 40404?

Just text ‘follow NotifyNYC’ to 40404 in the US. Try it out the next time you see a Twitter @username at a restaurant or store, on a billboard or on TV, or if you hear one mentioned on the radio. If you want to appear in a user’s followers list or start to get followers, you’ll need to create a Twitter account.

How do I stop Twitter messages from 40404?

To cut the number of text messages Twitter sends, turn off text notifications for individual users. Send “OFF” followed by a user’s name (without “@”) to “40404” to disable texts from that user. This method won’t unfollow the user, so you’ll still see his tweets on your computer.

Why did I get a confirmation code from Twitter?

Using backup codes

A backup code is automatically generated for you when you turn on two-factor authentication through your iOS or Android Twitter app. You can also generate a backup code on

How do I use Twitter without my phone number?

1. To check your discoverability settings, head to the Privacy and safety section of your account settings, then scroll down a bit and select Discoverability and contacts—or just go to 2. You want “Let people who have your phone number find you on Twitter” unchecked.

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Do you need a phone number for Twitter 2021?

Create a Twitter Account Without Phone Verification

If you want to register on Twitter, you don’t have to give them your phone number just yet. Check out how to create a Twitter account without using your phone number: Go to Twitter’s signup page. Type in your name.

Do you have to have a phone number for Twitter?

Twitter does not require new users to provide a phone number when they sign up — and so a user who was banned, and decided to create a new account, could do so even if they had harassed users previously. … This move doesn’t resolve Twitter’s whack-a-mole troll problem entirely.