How can I recover my TikTok account when I only know the username not the password email or phone number?

How can I get my TikTok account with username only?

Log in using your username and password by clicking the “Use phone/email/username” option at the top of the list. If you don’t remember your password, you can recover it later. You should still select this option.

How do I find out what email I used for TikTok?

Head to your TikTok profile and click the settings and privacy option (the three-dotted symbol on the top-right corner of your profile). Then click manage account, and choose the email option. If you already linked your email address to TikTok, you can find it there.

How do you find out what email I used for TikTok?

Go to your TikTok profile and click the Settings and Privacy option. Select Manage Account. Choose Email. If you have already linked your email address, this is where you will see it.

Does TikTok delete inactive accounts?

What is TikTok’s Inactive Account Policy? We encourage users to actively use TikTok after creating an account on our platform. If an account remains inactive for 180 days or more, the username may be reset to a randomized numeric username.

How do I contact TikTok?

To contact TikTok, you can either report a problem on the app, use the TikTok feedback form, or email them via or If you’re facing an issue on the app, you can report a problem directly on the app.

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How do I transfer my TikTok account to another phone?

To make multiple TikTok accounts, go to your profile, tap on the dropdown arrow, tap on “Add account”, then sign up for a new account. Once you’ve signed up for a new account, you can switch between accounts by tapping on the dropdown error on your profile and selecting the account that you want to switch to.