How do I change my phone number on twitter after being locked out?

How can I recover my Twitter account without phone number and email?

Go to the password recovery page on Twitter. Try with the username first. If you enter a valid username, Twitter will prompt you to enter the email address associated with your account. If you provide the valid email, you will get a password reset link by email and you can proceed.

How can I recover my Twitter account without authentication code?

Tap Account, then tap Security. Tap Login Requests to see a list of all requests. If you’re still stuck, you can also request a login code to be sent to your phone via text message. Click the link Request a code sent to your phone via SMS when you log in to your account on

How long does it take for Twitter to unlock your account 2020?

The process can take up to 72 hours and we’ll notify you through Twitter and email when your account is ready. Please note that when your account is eligible for restoration, you’ll have 30 days to proceed, after which, you’ll no longer be able to regain access to your account.

How can I make a Twitter account without a phone number?

Verify using Google Voice Number:

  1. Step #1: Login to your Gmail account and go to Google Voice. …
  2. Step #2: You can either select a new number or use your existing mobile number.
  3. Step #3: Select a phone so Google can call you and confirm. …
  4. Step #4: Select a number and enter it on Twitter.
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How do I make a Twitter account without a phone number?

If you want to register on Twitter, you don’t have to give them your phone number just yet.

Create a Twitter Account Without Phone Verification

  1. Go to Twitter’s signup page.
  2. Type in your name.
  3. Click on Use Email Instead under Phone.
  4. Enter your date of birth and tap Next.
  5. Tap on Sign Up.