How do I change the color of my Facebook Messenger back to normal?

How do I remove Messenger color?

How do I change the theme or color of my messages in Messenger?

  1. From Chats, open the conversation you want to pick a color for.
  2. In the top, tap the conversation name.
  3. Tap Theme.
  4. Tap on a theme, color or gradient for the conversation.

Why did my messenger colors change?

The refreshed logo with a gradient of purple, pink and orange “reflects a shift to the future of messaging,” Facebook said in a blog post. It also meant to demonstrate Messenger’s shift to powering conversations on Facebook’s video communication device Portal and virtual reality headset Oculus.

Why is my message red in messenger?

It means your messages are not delivering, you’ve been blocked by this person, or this person is not receiving messages from you right now, or they are no longer on Facebook.

How do you change the color of your messages?

Like we have mentioned earlier, unfortunately, Android devices do not have the feature to change the text color in the default messaging app. Instead, you can change the background color. If you are desperate to change the text style, font, and color, you can use a different messaging app as your texting app.

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Why is my message purple on Messenger?

It’s all down to a new update that’s taking Facebook Messenger another step closer to merging with Instagram Direct messages. … The new purple and pink ombre logo even makes the Messenger app look a bit more like Instagram. Messenger users in North America will soon be able to use cross-app communication with Instagram.

Why is Facebook Messenger purple and blue?

So, why is Facebook Messenger purple now? Facebook says the reasoning behind adding some purple color to the long-standing white-and-blue Messenger logo is to reflect and signify a change in the app.

Why is my Messenger still blue?

Hi Connie! The blue ring around a contact’s profile picture on Messenger indicates that the user has added to their story. We hope this helps! So when a message is delivered does that mean the other person that you sent the message to has logged into messenger and is on messenger just haven’t looked at your message?

How do I get rid of red 1 on Facebook Messenger?

In the left navigation, click the “Messenger” link. You should see the unread message in the left indicated with the text in bold font. Click the message and Facebook Messenger will mark it as read. Log in to the mobile app and you should no longer see the unread message icon.

How do I get rid of red Messenger notification on Facebook?

Just tap and hold on an icon on the shortcuts bar, and a menu will pop up that gives you the choice to remove that icon from the bar or turn off the attention-grabbing red dots for it: You can also manage what’s on your shortcut bar by tapping the hamburger menu icon > Settings & Privacy > Settings > Shortcuts.

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