How do I make someone a co admin on Facebook?

Can two people be Admin on a Facebook page?

You can have as many admins on a Page as you want. To add an admin, go to “Edit Page” on your Timeline and then click “Admin roles.” Scroll down and select “Add another admin.” Note: To make someone an admin of your Page, the person must have Liked the Page.

How do you make someone else admin?

To make someone an admin or moderator, open your Facebook Group and in the left sidebar, click where it says the Members. Find the member you want to make an Admin or Moderator and click on the gear icon next to their name. Select either Make Admin or Make Moderator. Facebook will prompt you to confirm your choice.

Why can’t I make someone an admin on Facebook page?

The person you’re trying to add as an admin for your Facebook page must have a Facebook account, whether it is a personal profile or a business account. Facebook pages are their own entities, and people who administer them are not necessarily visible to people who like the page.

Can an admin make someone else an admin?

Facebook Admin vs.

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Only admins can: Invite other members to be admins or moderators. Remove admins and moderators. Manage group settings, including changing the cover photo, renaming the group, and changing privacy settings.

How do I make someone an admin on my facebook page 2021?

If you’re an admin:

  1. Click Settings at the top of your Page.
  2. Click Page Roles in the left column.
  3. Click Edit next to the name of the person whose role you want to change and then select a new role from the dropdown menu.
  4. Click Save. You may need to enter your password to confirm.

How do I make someone an administrator without administrator?

Create a local user or administrator account in Windows

  1. Select Start > Settings > Accounts and then select Family & other users. …
  2. Next to Add other user, select Add account.
  3. Select I don’t have this person’s sign-in information, and on the next page, select Add a user without a Microsoft account.

Can an admin of a Facebook page add another admin?

If you want to add another admin, a second admin may need to approve your request before the change is accepted. Depending on their settings, the person may receive a notification or an email when you give them a role.