How do I post a photo from my camera roll to Instagram?

Why can’t I post pictures from my camera roll on Instagram?

The first and easiest solution would be restarting your phone. A simple restart can solve temporary software issues and could fix the Instagram uploading issue. On Android, hold press the power button until you get the reboot option. Tap on restart phone.

How do you post pictures from your camera roll on your story?

In the top right corner, select Camera Roll. You’ll see all the photos saved to your phone. Select the photo you want to post. Swipe up again to get to the Edit and Send options.

Why can’t I upload pictures on my Instagram story?

First, you need to make sure that there is nothing wrong with your Instagram app or device and that you can’t post stories due to Instagram’s technical difficulties. … Type ‘Instagram’ in the search box and look for any reports. If there aren’t any, you can submit an error.

How do you put photos from your camera roll on Snapchat?

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  1. Tap the Memories icon on the camera screen.
  2. Tap Camera Roll.
  3. Tap and hold a photo, and any additional photos you want to save.
  4. Tap the Sharing icon.
  5. Tap Snapchat.
  6. Tap Save.
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How do you post pictures from your camera roll to Snapchat memories?

If you want to import snaps from your camera roll or gallery, go to Snapchat’s settings and find Memories. Select “Import Snaps from Camera Roll.” Note that this will only surface actual Snapchats you have previously saved to your phone — not photos taken with the regular camera app.