How do I restart Cafeland on Facebook?

How do you restart a game from the beginning on Facebook?

A simple solution here is to use a different Facebook account to play the game from the beginning. You can even create a separate Facebook account dedicated to gaming. To restart your game, add it in your new Facebook account and start playing.

How do I restart a game from the beginning?

To restart a game, simply force quit the application and launch it again.

How do you start over on Facebook?

Five steps to a fresh start on Facebook

  1. Lock down your privacy. …
  2. Unlike, unfriend, and unsubscribe. …
  3. Disable (or minimize) e-mail notifications.
  4. Organize your friends into lists. …
  5. Update your bio.

How do I reset SimCity BuildIt on Facebook?

Restart / Reset the game in Facebook.

  1. Delete SimCity BuildIt on all of your device(s). …
  2. Login to Facebook. …
  3. Find Simcity BuildIt App and at bottom right press on Settings icon.
  4. On the popup, at the bottom, press Delete App button. …
  5. Reinstall SimCity BuildIt on your device and do the tutorials and connect to facebook.
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How do I delete SimCity from Facebook?

Re: How do i delete saved city linked to Facebook

You have to go to the app settings then to simcity and disconnect it from apps you loved into then you will be able to load your new city… hope this help ..

How do I restart an app on my iPhone?

After you swipe away an app’s thumbnail, it’s closed and will no longer appear on the App Switcher screen. To restart an app, tap its icon on the Home screen. This should relaunch the app, and (hopefully) it will work properly this time.

How do I reset a game on my iPhone?

2 Answers

  1. Make sure you’ve deleted the games you want to reset. …
  2. Access those saved games data in Setting > iCloud > Storage & Backup > Manage Storage .
  3. Select Show All to view all the saved data. …
  4. Tap on the games you want to reset.
  5. Tap Edit at the top right.
  6. Tap Delete All to delete the saved games data.

How do you delete games on Facebook Mobile?

How do I remove an app or game that I’ve added on Facebook?

  1. In the top left of Facebook, tap your profile picture.
  2. Scroll down, tap Settings, then tap Apps and Websites.
  3. Tap Logged in with Facebook.
  4. Tap the app or website that you want to remove.
  5. Below the name of the app or website, tap Remove.

How do I remove ml from Facebook?

You can see the active apps that are connected to your FB account. All you need to do is to checkbox the apps that you want to remove. Then click the button remove.

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How do I delete my ML account?

At this time, there is no way to delete a Mobile Legends account. However, you can also remove the connection between Mobile Legends and your Facebook Google Play, VK, and Game Center accounts.

How do I restart my Facebook app?

Go to Apps and Tap on it. Locate Facebook app and tap on it to get to its settings. Tap Clear Cache and then Clear Data. Restart your Android and now launch Facebook app.

Can I delete my Facebook and start again?

If you need to cancel Facebook and make a new account, you’ll have to do more than just deactivate it. … If you want to start a new account, however, you must have Facebook delete the account entirely before you can begin again.