How do I scan a QR code with Facebook?

How do you scan on Facebook?

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  1. Open Messenger.
  2. Tap the silhouette of a person button.
  3. Tap your profile image.
  4. Tap Scan Code.
  5. Focus your phone’s camera on a code to scan it.
  6. Tap Add on Messenger.

How do I scan a QR Code with Facebook 2020?

How the Facebook Messenger code works:

  1. Go to the messenger app on your phone.
  2. Click on your profile picture.
  3. Select the ‘My Code’ option to share your Messenger code with other users.
  4. To connect with another user, select ‘Scan Code’ option and scan their Messenger code.

Does Facebook have QR codes?

A Facebook QR Code is a QR Code solution that connects to your Facebook profile and summarizes your business with a clear and mobile-friendly page. Facebook QR Codes are perfect for connecting print marketing materials with your Facebook page with just a quick QR Code scan.

How do I scan a QR Code?

How to Scan a QR code on an Android Phone

  1. Open the Camera app on your Android phone. You can open the camera app by swiping up from the bottom of your screen. …
  2. Then point your Android phone at the QR code to scan it. …
  3. Finally, tap the pop-up banner.
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