How do you delete a reply on Facebook?

Can you delete replies to your comment on facebook?

Here’s how. Go to the offending comment and hover your cursor over it. Next to the comment, you’ll almost always see a little X. Click the X and then Delete to remove it from your post.

How do I delete a comment I reply to?

If you select the reply and right-click, “Delete Comment” will delete only the reply and not the original comment itself.

Why can’t I delete a comment on Facebook 2020?

You can only delete posts that you have made. If the “Delete” option doesn’t appear, then you are trying to delete someone else’s post, which is not possible.

What happens when you delete a reply on Facebook?

Deleting the Facebook comment will erase it; no one will be able to see it. The user will know that the negative comment has been deleted if they go to view it again, but they won’t be notified of its deletion. Banning users will keep that particular user from commenting on any of your posts ever again.

Can I delete my comment on someone else’s post?

If you’ve posted a comment on your own or someone else’s post, just select the three dots to the right of your comment and select Delete from the pull-down menu. Whenever you delete a comment or a post, you’ll need to select Delete again on a confirmation message that asks if you’re sure you want to delete.

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How do I remove reply from comments in PDF?

Delete a reply

You can delete your comments in a PDF. However, you cannot delete other reviewers’ comments. In the pop-up note, right-click the reply and choose Delete.

How do you delete a comment reply in Word?

Right-click on the comment that you want to delete, and click on ‘Delete Comment’. It will immediately be deleted.