How do you get a blue check on Instagram without being famous?

How do you get a blue tick on Instagram without being famous?

Request to be verified

Simply go to Settings > Account > Request Verification and fill out the necessary information: Your full name. What you are commonly “Known as” (i.e. your brand name) Your “Category” or account type (ranges from Blogger/Influencer to Business/Brand)

Is it possible to get verified on Instagram without being famous?

According to Instagram, “Only some public figures, celebrities and brands have verified badges. It’s not currently possible to request or purchase a verified badge.” … If you could just become famous, you’d already be verified and wouldn’t be reading this article, so let’s move on.

Can you fake a blue tick on Instagram?

Even blue ticks can be faked on Instagram.

How do you get the blue check mark on Instagram?

How can you request a verification?

  1. Make sure you’re logged in to the account you’re requesting a verified badge for.
  2. Go to your profile and tap.
  3. Tap Settings > Account > Request Verification.
  4. Enter your full name and provide the required form of identification (for example government-issued photo ID).
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How do I get verified on Instagram 2021?

How to apply for Instagram verification

  1. Tap your profile picture to go to your profile.
  2. Go to the top-right corner of your profile and tap on the menu icon. …
  3. On the bottom-right of the screen, you’ll see a settings icon. …
  4. Request Verification. …
  5. You’ll see a form with your account name pre-filled.

Where can I buy a verified Instagram account?

About Insta Sale service

Insta Sale is a marketplace of Instagram accounts where buyers can choose and safely buy Instagram accounts from the appropriate niche with the target audience corresponding to their needs. All users and pages put up for sale are automatically verified and are real.

Can you buy a blue check on Instagram?

How much does Instagram verification cost? Money can’t buy happiness, and it also can’t buy you a verification badge on Instagram. … The verification process through Instagram is totally free, so if the blue check is your goal, then you should be taking real steps to grow your brand and increase your reach.

How much does it cost to verify an Instagram account?

How much does an Instagram verification cost? The price for purchasing a blue badge or a Verification badge in social networks like Instagram ranges from $1,500 to $6,000.