How do you hide spoilers on Facebook?

Here’s how it works: When you see a post that mentions something you don’t want to come across while scrolling — for example, the name of a show or movie — you can tap the menu icon in the upper right-hand corner and select “snooze keywords in this post.” Snoozing an individual keyword will prevent any posts with that …

How do I turn off spoiler on Facebook?

Just go to one of their posts — not their pages or profiles, but a specific post — then find the snooze options. You’ll have the options to snooze that page or that person for 30 days.

How do you block spoilers?

How to Block Spoilers in Your Newsfeed

  1. Tap the notifications icon in the app. …
  2. On an Android and desktop, select Muted Words. …
  3. Tap Add on iPhone and desktop, or the +icon on an Android. …
  4. Select to mute these words from your Timeline, Notifications and anyone posting content to you. …
  5. Tap Save.

Does Facebook have spoiler tags?

Facebook are introducing a new feature that will allow users to block spoilers from their feeds. The Keyword Snooze function will work like Twitter’s Mute function, whereby users can select certain keywords to make sure posts featuring them do not appear on their timeline.

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How do you get a spoiler out of your head?

Try substituting the unwanted thought with a different one whenever it pops up. You could replace the memory of the spoiler with the plot of another TV show that you’ve already watched, for example. An alternative is to fill your mind with opposing thoughts.

How do you make a spoiler tag on twitter?

Conversation. Use [spoiler]text[/spoiler] tags for inline spoilers. Very handy if only part of your comment is a spoiler.

How do I stop game spoilers?

By far the biggest way to avoid video game spoilers is to mute any and every related term on social media. Doing so will stop anything mentioning the game or any clips shared with the game’s hashtags from appearing on your feeds. Thankfully, most social media platforms make this easy to do and undo.

What is spoiler protection?

USE ON ANDROID WITH FIREFOX Enjoy surfing on the internet with Spoiler Protection by preventing spoilers ruining the experience of a movie, series or sport event you haven’t seen yet. Get rid of the unwanted spoilers! This extension helps you to hide spoilers what you don’t want to see on your screen.

How do I avoid spoilers on my phone?

Mute keywords on social media

Twitter is the best when it comes to blocking spoilers as there’s a simple-to-use mute option. Just tap your profile icon > Settings and privacy > Muted words then add keywords.