How do you reply to an Instagram comment?

How do you reply to a specific comment on Instagram?

How do I reply to someone in a comment thread on Instagram?

  1. Go to the photo or post.
  2. Tap Reply below any comment and add your comment.
  3. Tap Post.

Why can’t I reply to a comment on Instagram?

This error occurs when the Instagram algorithm confuses your message to be spam or possible annoyance to the audience. … You can creatively pass through the Instagram check by: Modifying the words in your message. Avoiding short words or just emoji in your comments.

How do you reply to a comment?

Reply to a comment

Do either of the following: Enter a reply in the Write a reply box below the comment, and then press ENTER. Select More Actions next to the comment, select Reply, enter your reply, and then press ENTER.

Should you reply to your Instagram comments?

Replying to comments left on your Instagram posts serves more than just the purpose of being courteous. Replying to comments can also help more people discover your page, attract buying advertisers, and incentivize more people to engage with your content.

Should I respond to Instagram comments immediately?

Take the opportunity to thank the person, making sure to name them and address them directly. It is advisable to respond within a maximum of 48 hours. If that time has passed, simply “like” that Instagram photo comment. Did your Instagram post cause an outburst of positive comments in just a matter of minutes?

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How do you reply to a comment on Instagram 2020?

To reply to someone:

  1. Go to the photo or post.
  2. Tap Reply below any comment and add your comment.
  3. Tap Post.

How do you respond to social media comments?

Steps for Responding to POSITIVE Comments

  1. Thank the consumer for a positive review. Be specific and genuine. …
  2. Use the business name and keywords in the response. …
  3. Add a little marketing to the review response. …
  4. Invite the consumer to do something with your response.

How do you reply to a post?

Explain how someone’s post helped you understand the material or made you rethink your own views. Offer an opinion and support it with examples from the text. Relate the information in the post to your course assignments and/or research projects. Challenge a statement in the post.

Should I reply to comments?

always respond to comments. People like to be acknowledged, and if you’re lucky enough (and that’s certainly what it is) to get a comment, that person deserves a response. Of course, there are also exceptions—like when a commenter is abusive or using your comment section to spread spam.