How do you upload multiple videos on Instagram?

Can I post multiple videos in one post on Instagram?

Instagram’s update 10.9 for Android and iOS allows its users to upload upto 10 photos and videos in one go. This new feature is called ‘Carousel’. Basically, when you upload multiple photos via carousel, they appear in a single post in the feed.

Can’t upload multiple videos to Instagram?

Try the following one by one to see if you’re able to post multiple pictures on Instagram again.

  1. Press and hold on a photo (Works!) …
  2. Wait for Instagram to fix it. …
  3. Check Internet Connectivity. …
  4. Turn off Data Saver. …
  5. Lower the files’ size. …
  6. Clear Cache. …
  7. Restart Instagram/Reboot your phone. …
  8. Free up Storage Space.

Can I put multiple videos on Instagram story?

Now you can share multiple photos or videos in your Insta Story, all at once. You don’t have to open your camera roll again and again to post your next photo or video in your Story. You can just select all your photos and videos you want to post, and in one click, they will be shared in your Story.

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Can you post multiple videos on Instagram 2021?

You can post single or multiple photos or videos to your regular feed and even post Stories. Besides, Grids features a beautiful customizable design, which lets you send direct messages and use separate accounts at once.

Why can’t I post multiple photos on Instagram anymore?

Users just need to press down the photo and hold down on an image or video they wish to select. Next, they will see that the that the option to select multiple photos has reappeared, or at least the user will be able to select multiple photos.

Can you still post multiple pics on Instagram?

You don’t need to have one Instagram post for each photo. Instead, you can add as many as ten photos in your Camera Roll (or Gallery if you use an Android smartphone) to a single post.

What is carousel on Instagram?

Instagram lets you post up to 10 photos or videos as 1 swipeable carousel. … Today, Instagram launches the ability to share a mix of up to 10 photos or videos as a single carousel post that friends can swipe through. You can think of them as Instagram albums that collect permanent photos or videos around a theme.

How do you put multiple videos into one?

Combine videos on your Android phone

  1. Open the app and select the video option. …
  2. Pick the videos you want to combine from your library. …
  3. Trim and cut your clips to polish the video. …
  4. Add a transition effect between video clips. …
  5. Insert text and add stickers. …
  6. Color correct your clips. …
  7. Save your video.
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What are Instagram collabs?

What Are Instagram Collabs? Instagram Collabs allow you to invite someone to collaborate on a Feed post or Reel, so they can share the content with their followers. Essentially, you can co-author content with a fellow Instagram user, and the post will show up on both of your profiles.

How do you upload videos and pictures to Instagram?

How to Post on Instagram

  1. Tap the + icon at the bottom of your screen.
  2. Choose a photo or video from your library — or shoot one in the app.
  3. Crop the image.
  4. Try a carousel post.
  5. Pick a filter.
  6. Edit your photo.
  7. Type your caption.
  8. Use hashtags for post optimization.