How do you use PhantomBuster on Instagram?

Does Instagram allow PhantomBuster?

If you’re posting some stunning content on your Instagram, then you’re already doing half of the job which is needed to grow your account. … The folks at PhantomBuster have come up with an Instagram Automation API which allows you to automate your Instagram.

Can you web scrape Instagram?

Is Instagram Scraping Legal? While Instagram forbids any kind of crawling, scraping, or caching content from Instagram it is not regulated by law. Meaning, if you scrape data from Instagram you may get your account banned, but there are no legal repercussions.

How do you use Instagram scraper?

instagram-scraper #Scraping is done anonymously. instagram-scraper -u -p #You log into your account and you make the scraping from there. Can be useful for private accounts. With the command above you would be able to scrape the posts from an Instagram account feed.

How do you scrape someone’s followers on Instagram?

How to scrape Instagram followers?

  1. Sign up on Botster.
  2. Head to this bot’s Start page.
  3. Chose any account which is publicly open.
  4. Paste the URL into the bot’s input form.
  5. Select the number of followers you’d like to scrape.
  6. Click the Start Bot button.

What is a Phantombuster account?

What is Phantombuster? Phantombusters is a data extraction solution designed to help sales and marketing teams across businesses of all sizes collect information from LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms to facilitate customer relationship management.

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How do I get information about my Instagram account?

You can access the Account Data Tool from the Privacy and Security section of Instagram Settings. You can get a copy of your Instagram data using the Data Download tool. The Data Download tool allows you to request a file that includes your photos, comments, profile information and more.

Is crawling Instagram illegal?

You may not use the Instagram service for any illegal or unauthorized purpose. … You must not crawl, scrape, or otherwise cache any content from Instagram including but not limited to user profiles and photos.

Is Web scraping legal?

It is perfectly legal if you scrape data from websites for public consumption and use it for analysis. However, it is not legal if you scrape confidential information for profit. For example, scraping private contact information without permission, and sell them to a 3rd party for profit is illegal.

Can you scrape Instagram comments?

The official Instagram API allows you to programmatically access your own comments and posts on Instagram. … To extract that kind of information, you’ll need to use our Instagram Scraper. The scraper is free to use and will let you download all of this public data from Instagram: Profiles.