Is a private Instagram account really private?

Your ‘private’ Instagram account isn’t as private as you think. Your followers can still share and save your posts without your knowledge by using a surprisingly simple trick. Based on investigations by BuzzFeed, images and videos posted to private accounts on Instagram and Facebook may not be as private as you think.

Can Instagram be totally private?

The ultimate option to cocoon yourself away from Instagram’s huge userbase is to simply make your account private. You can then cherry pick who can follow you and view your stories or posts. To turn your Instagram profile private, go into the Settings and switch on the Private Account option.

What’s the point of having a private Instagram account?

Having a private account gives you more control than being public does and it limits who has access to your content. This is the biggest plus – you can decide who’s watching! This control makes it trickier for content thieves to repost or use your pictures and videos. Many accounts simply repost other people’s content.

Is it better to be private or public on Instagram?

In general, it is good to have public account if you are running business, your images are not personal, and you want to receive the Instagram analytics. If you want to have private account, then you should know that you cannot switch the account to a business or creator one.

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Should I have my Instagram on private or public?

We advise people to stay in public only if they are looking to grow on Instagram and trying to get their content out there into the world. If you are only using it to consume content and talk with your friends, then you should have your account in private.

Does a private account get more followers?

Private Instagram accounts do not get more followers than a public account. This is because hashtags do not work on a private account as your posts will not show up on the explore page or hashtag search results.