Question: How do I remove hidden followers on Facebook?

Why are some followers hidden on Facebook?

Many Facebook users elect to hide their profile Walls from people who are not on their friend lists as a way to protect sensitive information. A Facebook Wall often contains real time check-ins at restaurants or other locations, and other personal information that is not appropriate for strangers.

How do you see who is secretly following you on Facebook?

How to see who is following you on Facebook

  1. Go to your friends tab and select the “More” section. Click the “More” tab. …
  2. Click “Following.” Select “Following.” …
  3. Scroll through the list of who’s following you. Scroll through to see who follows your profile. …
  4. Facebook users can choose to “follow” a page without liking it.

What does it mean when your following someone on Facebook but not friends?

It’s simply a follow that piggybacks on the friend request. … This makes it so that you don’t see their posts in your feed, but you still remain friends and can still interact with them within the privacy settings they have set for their friends.

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What’s the difference between friends and followers on Facebook?

Facebook friends are for close connections, while followers allow posts to reach wider audiences. Users can select the friends, people, and pages to follow to curate their News Feed and consume content of interest on Facebook.

How do you block a follower on Facebook?

Click your Page in the left menu. Below your Page photo, click Followers. Go to the person that you want to block, then click next to their name. Click Block.

Can a person see when you follow them on Facebook?

Yes, when you follow a public figure or a non-friend, a notification will be send to them. No, unfollowing or re-following any friend will not send notification to that person.

Can I see who my followers are on Facebook?

Method #4: From Settings & Privacy

Open the Facebook app and go to the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) at the top right corner if you’re using an Android device… … Here, scroll down until your find “Your Facebook Information”. Under it, tap on Access your information. Now, tap on Friends and Followers.

What is the difference between followers and following?

Followers on Instagram are the users that follow you; these followers can see your posts on both your profile and on their feed. … Following refers to the list of users that you follow on Instagram; these users’ posts appear on your feed, and you have access to view their profile if you want.

How do I change my Facebook friends to followers?

Here’s how to turn on the Follow button on your personal profile:

  1. Click the down arrow in the upper-right corner of Facebook. …
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Click Followers on the left sidebar.
  4. Select Everybody from the drop-down menu next to the Who Can Follow Me section.
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Do deleted friend requests automatically become followers?

People who send you Facebook friend requests that you ignore or delete will automatically start following you. If you don’t want someone to follow you, you can block them at any time. But remember when you unblock, that person will be able to see your posts on Facebook that you share with the public.

What does it mean if someone follows you on Facebook?

The “following” feature allows any user with a Facebook account to subscribe to your account so that your public updates show up in their newsfeed, even if you haven’t accepted them as a friend.