Question: What are some of the security risks associated with Facebook?

Scams on Facebook include cross-site scripting, clickjacking, survey scams and identity theft.

What are the security risks of Facebook?

The Top 6 Risks You Face When Using Facebook

  • Forgetting About Your Potential Audience.
  • Insecure Third-Party Apps. …
  • Suffering From Social Media Addiction.
  • Poorly Configured Privacy Settings. …
  • 5. Facebook Marketplace Scams. …
  • Predators on Facebook.

What are the security risks of social media?

Security Risks

  • Unmonitored social media accounts. Social media accounts that are left unattended or no longer used are a target for hackers. …
  • Imposter accounts. …
  • Privacy settings. …
  • Vulnerable third-party apps. …
  • Human error. …
  • Phishing attacks and scams. …
  • Malware attacks and hacks. …
  • Unsecured mobile phones.

What is the most common security risk?

1 – Malware

We’ll start with the most prolific and common form of security threat: malware. It’s been around since the internet’s inception and continues to remain a consistent problem. Malware is when an unwanted piece of programming or software installs itself on a target system, causing unusual behavior.

What are the 3 main information security concerns?

Three Cyber Security Issues Organizations Face

  • Unprecedented Attacks. The amount of valuable information that resides on multiple data sources has grown exponentially from the early days of a single computer. …
  • Cyber Espionage. …
  • Data Theft.
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What are 3 risks of social media?

The dangers

  • cyberbullying (bullying using digital technology)
  • invasion of privacy.
  • identity theft.
  • your child seeing offensive images and messages.
  • the presence of strangers who may be there to ‘groom’ other members.

What is the biggest personal security threat associated with social media?

Most social media threats stem from employees disclosing too much private and business information publicly. These accounts are personal, so businesses can’t stop users from having a social media presence. But they can educate users on the best ways to protect data and their credentials.

What is one of the biggest threats about social media?

Attacks related to social media accounts have increased by 43 percent, with social media phishing attacks growing at an astonishing 75 percent.