Question: What is an offline event set Facebook?

What is a Facebook offline event set?

Offline Events (or offline conversions) allow you to track when transactions occur at your store and other offline channels after people see or engage with your Facebook ads.

What is an offline event?

Offline events could be conferences, expos, seminars, breakfast seminars, lunch-and-learn seminars, classes, networking receptions, or cocktail parties. They could be as simple as taking a group of clients, prospects, or partners to a baseball game or football game. It could be an event like a walkathon or a 5K.

What is an offline conversion event?

Facebook Offline Conversions enable you to upload your sales data to Facebook and match the transactions that take place offline with people who have seen or clicked on your Facebook ads. … If there is a match, Facebook attributes the sale to an ad.

How do I upload an offline event on Facebook?

Upload offline event data

  1. Go to Events Manager and select the account you want to use.
  2. Select the name of the offline event set you want to upload data to.
  3. Select Upload Events.
  4. Drag and drop your data file into the box or select Select CSV File and add your file from your desktop. …
  5. Select Next: Map Data.

How do I use offline events?

Go to Events Manager and navigate to the green plus sign and select Connect Data Sources to create a new offline event set. Select Offline and then Get Started. Name your offline event set and add a description if you want. Then select Create.

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How do I turn off offline activity on Facebook?

How to turn off Facebook offline activity tracking?

  1. Step 1: Go to Facebook Settings and click on the Facebook Information which is in the left column.
  2. Step 2: Click on ‘Off-Facebook Activity’.
  3. Step 3: Click on ‘More Options’ and select ‘Manage Future Activity’.
  4. Step 4: Select the ‘Manage Future Activity’ option.