Question: Why can’t I search anything on Facebook?

So, if you notice that the search feature on Facebook not working properly, check for the version of your Facebook app installed on your mobile phone. If it is an outdated one, update the app and check if the issue gets resolved.

What happened Facebook search?

In July it was made available to all users using the U.S. English version of Facebook. After being made less publicly visible starting December 2014, the original Graph Search was almost entirely deprecated in June 2019.

Did Facebook change their search?

Late last week Facebook quietly made changes to a set of advanced features that previously allowed users to search the social network in powerful ways, such as finding all posts on Facebook by a keyword and within a certain date range, all of the people who like a certain Facebook Page and live in a particular city, or …

Is Facebook server down now? is UP and reachable by us.

Why is my Facebook toolbar at the bottom?

Facebook moves shortcut bar to bottom on Android

That’s because a bottom navigation bar makes it simpler to access different tabs. Moreover, most Android phones now boast a tall screen, thus making it difficult to reach to the top with a single hand. Though the ability to swipe between the tabs dodges this issue.

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