Should you respond to comments on Instagram?

Replying to comments left on your Instagram posts serves more than just the purpose of being courteous. Replying to comments can also help more people discover your page, attract buying advertisers, and incentivize more people to engage with your content.

What do you reply to comments on Instagram?

How to Respond to Compliments on Instagram or Facebook

  • Say thanks: Replying with a simple “thank you!” is good enough for most online interactions, especially if you are getting lots of praise for a particular post.
  • Use an emoji: Using an emoji is a great way to spice up a reply to a compliment.

Should I reply to comments?

always respond to comments. People like to be acknowledged, and if you’re lucky enough (and that’s certainly what it is) to get a comment, that person deserves a response. Of course, there are also exceptions—like when a commenter is abusive or using your comment section to spread spam.

Does replying to comments on Instagram boost engagement?

Instagram’s Algorithm: The way that Instagram works is that the more engagement you create, the higher the chance people have of seeing your posts. By responding to and liking your followers’ comments, you are increasing the post’s chance of being seen by others.

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Do comments matter on Instagram?

Instagram has confirmed comments and likes are important when it comes to feed ranking — so it’s a great idea to encourage as many as possible for your posts. One of the best ways to do this? Write good captions that drive engagement.

What should I reply to comments?

Thanks for the Compliment Reply

  • “Thanks so much – I really appreciate you saying that.”
  • “Thank you – that was really sweet to say.”
  • “Wow, thanks so much.”
  • “Thanks – that means a lot.”

How do you respond to a baddie?

30+ Baddie Comebacks to Insults

  1. “ You’re stuck up” “Jealousy is a disease. …
  2. “ You never smile LOL” “Yes, I do. …
  3. “ You’re Boring” “And what makes you so interesting?”
  4. “ You’re such a nerd” …
  5. “ Get a life LOL” …
  6. “ You’ve changed” …
  7. “ You’re Fake” …
  8. “ You’re not funny”

Why is it important to reply to comments?

Responding to reviews, both good and bad, shows customers that you read your page comments and care about what is said. This is crucial in social media management if you hope to retain or increase follower count, engagement, boosts SEO or customer interaction.

Does commenting on your own Instagram post help?

No. Not unless the comments are in response to another user’s comments. Instagram and Facebook are getting pretty good at quantifying what actual engagement is. This would be the easiest way to try and game it… so they are going to know that it is not authentic engagement.

Why am I suddenly getting less likes on Instagram 2021?

There are several reasons why you aren’t getting as many likes on Instagram as you used to. It could be something out of your control, such as bots being banned. It could be something you have influence over, too, however, like using the wrong hashtags or posting at an inconstant rate.

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How often should you comment on Instagram?

How Often to Post on Instagram. It’s generally recommended to post at least once per day, and no more than 3 times per day, on Instagram.

Does liking your own post help?

“Liking” your own posts gives those posts a little extra nudge in terms of engagement. Having at least one “Like” draws attention to a post and gives it a little extra perceived importance in the minds of your friends and page “Likers”.

Does commenting on Instagram get you more followers?

Although it takes more time to leave a thoughtful comment on a photo, your comment is more likely to result in a new follower if its personal. Comments like “Cool!” or “Nice pic!” or “insert emoji face here” are a dime a dozen and won’t leave an impression, i.e. inspire a person to check out your account.

What does it mean if someone likes all your posts?

What does it mean when someone likes all of my Instagram posts at once? – Quora. It means they are trying to get your attention – trying to get you to check out their profile, and ideally, follow them, and / or click the link in their profile bio.