You asked: How do I protect my personal information on Facebook?

How do I keep personal information private on Facebook?

On any Facebook page, tap the three horizontal lines on the lower right of the screen (on an iPhone) or the upper right (on an Android). Scroll to and tap “Settings & Privacy” > “Privacy Shortcuts” > “Review a few important privacy settings” You’ll be walked through the same privacy issues as on the web version.

How do I join Facebook with maximum Privacy?

To do this, click the down-arrow on the far right of the blue heading bar, select Settings from the menu, and then Privacy. The main entry is “Who can see your future posts?” You probably won’t want to use Public, which means anyone on or off Facebook.

How do I lock my personal information?

5 simple steps to protect your personal information online

  1. Stop giving away your personal information.
  2. Check your mobile app permissions.
  3. Review your security and privacy settings.
  4. Use passphrases.
  5. Use Antivirus software and install the latest software patches.

How can I be anonymous on Facebook?

Follow the steps below to set up your anonymous Facebook page.

  1. Create a Burner Email or Phone Number.
  2. Create a Facebook Account.
  3. Start Adding Friends.
  4. Check Your Privacy Settings.
  5. Never Use Your Real Name on Your New Facebook Page.
  6. Keep Your Personal Details Off Your Bio.
  7. Don’t Interact With Other Users Publicly.
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How do you keep your personal information safe on social media?

How to keep your personal information safe on social media

  1. Treat the “about me” fields as optional. …
  2. Become a master of privacy settings. …
  3. Know the people you friend. …
  4. Create and use an “off-limits” list. …
  5. Always log out when you’re done. …
  6. Create strong, private passwords.

How do I stop revealing my personal information?

Email threats

  1. Install anti-virus software, firewall software and anti-spyware software and keep it up-to-date by installing updates regularly.
  2. Don’t open file attachments if you don’t know the person the message is from – just delete it.
  3. Don’t click on links if you don’t know who the message is from – just delete it.

How can I protect my data privacy?

Securing Your Devices and Networks

  1. Encrypt your data. …
  2. Backup your data. …
  3. The cloud provides a viable backup option. …
  4. Anti-malware protection is a must. …
  5. Make your old computers’ hard drives unreadable. …
  6. Install operating system updates. …
  7. Automate your software updates. …
  8. Secure your wireless network at your home or business.

What does it mean to lock my Facebook profile?

If you see on someone’s profile, that person has chosen to lock their profile and show a limited view of their profile content to people they are not friends with on Facebook. When someone locks their profile, only their friends will see the following: Photos and posts on their profile.

Is Facebook profile lock available in Philippines?

To address these privacy and security concerns, Facebook recently introduced the “Facebook Profile Lock” feature that allows you to limit access to your personal data and information. … At the moment, however, the feature to lock your Facebook profile is not yet available in the Philippines and several other countries.

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