You asked: Why would someone delete their Instagram posts?

Why do people randomly delete their Instagram?

There could be many reasons for which Instagram deletes or disables accounts. For example, being inactive for a long time, getting reported by others, or violating Instagram terms and conditions.

Is it weird to delete Instagram posts?

Keeping those types of posts on your gallery can negatively impact your Instagram feed aesthetic, dilute your message, hinder brand development, or ruin first impressions. So hit the delete button and trash these posts – they’re like that knickknack in the window that your parents brought you back from Aruba.

Why did my boyfriend delete his Instagram?

The reason why he ‘might’ have had to delete his social media accounts is how hurt he must have felt after you broke up / dumped with him. He might have felt like he lost you, in which he invested so much time knowing and loving you whatever you did to him.

Did someone delete their Instagram or block me?

It’s possible that the account has been deleted or deactivated, so to confirm that this is not the case, log out of your account and perform the search again in an incognito browser. If you are able to see the profile, then you can be sure you have been blocked. If not, then the account is probably gone.

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Why would a guy delete his social media?

Maybe he just realized it is worthless to him and wasting his time and he just wanted to get rid of everything. Maybe it’s his way to deal with breakup. Shutting off from people including you, will help him to regain his strength and emotion.

Why does my boyfriend want me to delete my social media?

He sounds like he’s the jealous, controlling type who will slowly cut you off from your friends and such so he has you to himself. He sounds very insecure in your relationship. Assure him that you’re with him, but don’t cut off your social media. If you do, he’ll want you to stop doing something else before too long.

Why does he act single on social media?

He Doesn’t Like Sharing His Personal Life Online

What is this? If your boyfriend doesn’t share most of his personal details online, he might prefer to keep his social network persona generic. As such, his “acting single” could be as simple as a decision to maintain a closed private life.