Best answer: Can people on Facebook see my Spotify?

You can stop Spotify from sharing on Facebook via Spotify’s preferences, or you can limit who sees the songs you’re listening to via Facebook’s privacy settings. Now that Spotify and Facebook are BFFs, what you listen to on Spotify gets shared on Facebook.

Can others see my Spotify activity?

Inside of Spotify’s settings in its iOS and Android apps, you can hide what you’re listening to by enabling a private session, making a playlist secret, or stopping all social sharing. That way, you no longer have to worry about someone catching you bumping the latest Imagine Dragons album.

Does Spotify share on Facebook?

You can share a song from Spotify to Facebook in a few steps. Tap “Share” when viewing the track on Spotify, select Facebook, customize your Story, and post it to your fans.

Does Spotify Post to Facebook 2020?

As not many people are aware, by default Spotify contains several sharing settings that will automatically post any activity on your account not only to your Facebook wall, but also to a feed that lives in the Spotify client itself.

Why can’t I see what my friends are listening to on Spotify 2020?

Another simple step you can perform is to go to your Settings > Display options > Show Friend Activity and toggle the setting off and on again. In addition, you can try logging out > restarting your Mac > logging in again to make sure everything is synced up.

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How do I hide what I listen to on Spotify?

On the mobile app:

  1. Click on the settings cog at the top of the screen.
  2. Scroll down until you see the Social settings.
  3. Make sure listening activity and recently played artists are both flicked off.

How do I make Spotify private?

To keep what you’re listening to a secret, go open the Spotify app and tap Settings > Social and toggle the Private session button. Alternatively, you can open Spotify on your desktop and click Settings > Social. Then toggle off the Start a private session to listen anonymously option.

What does Spotify do with Facebook?

Facebook has announced an expansion of its partnership with Spotify which will enable users to share and listen to full-length music tracks and podcast episodes direct on Facebook, without having to open a third-party app.