Best answer: Where is the unmute button on YouTube?

How do I unmute in YouTube?

While on your video page on the YouTube website, click on the speaker icon and it’ll unmute your video.

How do I turn on tap to unmute on YouTube?

If you slide the volume slider down, it saves your settings. If you click it down it will not. To unmute it on start, slide the slider up instead of clicking it on. To disable tap to unmute on YouTube site accessed via browser, download YouTube app from App Store.

Where is the mute on YouTube?

When it starts playing, you’ll see the playback control buttons at the bottom of the playback screen. Click the “Audio” icon to mute the video.

Why is YouTube default muted?

If you or your students notice that your videos are muted by default on PC or Mac, this is a browser specific setting. … Once audio is enabled in your browser or for your site, this setting will apply going forward, so you should only have to adjust these settings once in your browser.

Why does YouTube Open muted?

Problem and what happens

So, the reason why your audio is muted is because there’s been a change in how the Youtube and Flash combo works recently. If you do not let your Flash Player store content to your disk, then you will not be able to save any settings and all videos will start muted.

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Why do YouTube videos start muted?

Videos can be muted on YouTube for a variety of reasons, some might include… Copyrighted Content was detected in your video. Innapropriate Content was found in the audio. Slow internet connection/muted sound in computer.

How do I mute YouTube on my phone?

Here are the details:

  1. To enjoy the feature, make sure you’re using the latest version of the YouTube app and operating system on your mobile phone. …
  2. To turn the feature on and off, or customize so video previews only play on WiFi, just go to Settings > General > Muted playback in feeds.

Where is the volume button on YouTube?

Adjusting volume from the YouTube App is a quick and straightforward way to increase YouTube volume. You can turn up the volume by: Tapping on the video you want to watch. At the bottom of the video window, you’ll see the volume icon, drag the slider to the right to increase the volume, and get a louder sound.