Can you search people by location on twitter?

Twitter search can filter by the location of a Tweet if the user has location services turned on. If the Twitter user doesn’t have location turned on, Twitter can filter tweets based on the location in a Twitter user’s profile.

How do I find someone on Twitter by location?

One of the best ways to find local Twitter users is simply to search for them on Twitter Search. The advanced page of Twitter’s search engine has an option to search “Near this place.” You can simply enter your town and get a real-time stream of all the people tweeting from your location or near it.

Can you search by city on Twitter?

Twitter lets you search through current tweets to find the name of your city, a neighborhood name, a local landmark or a business. You can narrow the results to only the tweets posted near your location. Search Twitter for your city name.

How can I find a girlfriend on Twitter?

How to find love on twitter – a guide:

  1. Slide into their DMs. Judging by the stories of couples meeting on Twitter, sending someone a direct message (DM) seems to be the best approach. …
  2. Meet through friends. …
  3. Follow up after meeting in person.
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How do you search through someone’s tweets?

For those with access, when you navigate to a user’s profile, you’ll see a search icon in the top right corner of the screen on the user’s profile banner, next to the three-dot menu. Then, you can type in keywords to search the user’s tweets.

Why is Twitter’s search so bad?

Why doesn’t all content show up in Twitter search? In order to keep your search results relevant, Twitter filters search results for quality Tweets and accounts. Material that jeopardizes search quality or creates a bad search experience for other people may be automatically removed from Twitter search.

Can I find a boyfriend on Twitter?

A new dating site, Luv@FirstTweet, is now harnessing the power of Twitter to find you your perfect match. A new dating site, Luv@FirstTweet, is now harnessing the power of Twitter to find you your perfect match. …

Can you meet someone on Twitter?

Click on the “Similar to You” or the “Who to Follow” box when they appear on your home page. It will list people your friends follow or people with similar interests. Click on their name to go to their Twitter profile, and follow them if you read their tweets and like what you see.

Can you date on Twitter?

Twitter doesn’t bill itself as a dating service or even a place to meet people. Since its founding in 2006, however, it has emerged as an unlikely matchmaker for singles who share highly specific interests, made searchable using hashtags.

How do you see someone’s followers on Twitter?

– Log in to your Twitter account. – Find the account you want to search Twitter followers using the Twitter search bar and go to their profile. – Click the “Following” option to search who someone follows on Twitter. – Or click “Followers” to search someone’s Twitter followers.

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How do you do an advanced search on Twitter?

Start by doing a simple Twitter search on the website’s top, right corner. 2. When you see the results, navigate to the ‘Search filters’ menu on the right, then click “Advanced search”. This will take you to the advanced search options.

Can people see who searched you on Twitter?

Simply put, no. There is no way for a Twitter user to know exactly who views their Twitter or specific tweets; there’s no Twitter search for that kind of thing. The only way to know for sure if someone has seen your Twitter page or posts is through direct engagement — a reply, a favorite, or a retweet.