Can you see who reported your photo on Instagram?

Instagram doesn’t disclose details of users who reported an account. They can only receive notifications after the report had been checked by Instagram.

Can you see who reported your post on insta?

Keep in mind that your report is anonymous, except if you’re reporting an intellectual property infringement. The account you reported won’t see who reported them.

Can someone see if you report their photo on Instagram?

Please know that when you “report” a photo, the person you are reporting against doesn’t ever find out that it was you who reported against them. You remain anonymous. Instagram then just simply looks into the matter to verify whether the picture is, in fact, inappropriate. If it is, they will delete it.

What happens when someone reports your photo on Instagram?

If a post gets reported, it gets reviewed by Instagram’s community review team. If they agree that it’s inappropriate, the post will be removed and the account might get banned especially after repeated infringements.

Can someone see who reported them?

The person you have reported is never notified of the report or who reported him/her.

How many reports does it take to close an Instagram account?

The fact is that the account could be deleted by Instagram because of three or four reports from various accounts due to the reason given for reporting the account.

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Does someone know if you report their Instagram story?

If you find a user posting something inappropriate on Instagram, then you can report the post or story, comment, person, or account on the app itself. Moreover, your report is anonymous, hence the account you reported will not get to know who reported them.