Can you subscribe to a twitter thread?

Wong tells TechCrunch she found the “Subscribe to conversation” feature within the Android version of the Twitter app, where it’s a user interface prototype for now. The button simply reads “Subscribe to conversation” and is positioned at the top right corner of a tweet view, she says.

Can you TweetDeck a thread?

Tweetdeck allows you to schedule Tweets in advance, but can you schedule Twitter threads for the future with TweetDeck? Unfortunately TweetDeck does not allow you to schedule Twitter threads. However, you can schedule Twitter threads with OneUp.

Can you follow a tweet?

Navigate to a Tweet from the account you’d like to follow. Tap the icon located at the top of the Tweet. Tap Follow from the selection menu. Find a Tweet from the account you’d like to follow.

Can you save Twitter threads?

Save a Tweet Thread Using Twitter Bookmarks

Similar to bookmarking regular tweets, you can also bookmark long Twitter threads and save them for quick access later. … Open the thread you want to bookmark. Click on the Share button at the bottom of the tweet and select Bookmark from the share menu.

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Does Twitter own TweetDeck?

“Twitter Buys TweetDeck For $40 Million.” Accessed Jan. 28, 2021.

Can you schedule a Twitter thread on Hootsuite?

Unfortunately Hootsuite does not allow you to schedule Twitter threads. However, you can schedule Twitter threads with OneUp.

How do I subscribe to Twitter?

Go to Click the sign up button. A Create your account pop up box will appear, and you’ll be guided through our sign up experience. You’ll be prompted to enter information such as your name and phone number or email address.

How do you buy Twitter followers?

Best Sites to Buy Twitter Followers

  1. After serving half a million clients for the past 3 years SocialPros is now a famous social media marketing website. …
  2. GetViral. Serving thousands of people for 7 years GetViral has become one of the top websites in Twitter marketing. …
  3. ViewsExpert.

Who can see my tweets if I have no followers?

Did you know that unless you have a private account people who don’t follow you can still see your Tweets? Even if you don’t have followers, your Tweets can be seen by anyone using the platform! You may be wondering ‘who can see my Tweets if I have no followers?! ‘

How do I copy an entire Twitter thread?

First, find a thread you want to turn into a post. Find the last post in the thread, then copy the URL by right-clicking the date, then clicking “Copy Link” (or whatever specific wording your browser of choice uses.)

How do I save Twitter threads to Readwise?

You can save entire tweetstorms/threads by replying with @readwiseio save thread as shown below: If a user has already saved the thread via @readwiseio, then you can simply like the Readwise reply to save it directly into your library.

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How do I print a Twitter feed?

Printing From Your Browser

Pull up the Twitter feed you want to preserve, and print it using your browser’s Print command. You can also select, copy, and paste the information you want into a word processor and print from there.

How do I get TweetDeck?

TweetDeck is currently available at or the Mac app store. Go to, or open the desktop app for Mac. Log in with your Twitter account. We recommend that you use a Twitter account that is not shared with other individuals.

What happened TweetDeck?

TweetDeck is the most powerful Twitter tool for tracking real-time conversations. … To that end, we are discontinuing support for our older apps: TweetDeck AIR, TweetDeck for Android and TweetDeck for iPhone. They will be removed from their respective app stores in early May and will stop functioning shortly thereafter.

Is there an app for TweetDeck?

TweetDeck Teams — a feature that lets users share access to Twitter accounts without having to share a password — will now work in the Twitter app for iOS and Android. … Meanwhile, TweetDeck’s Mac app hasn’t been updated since mid-2015 on the Mac App Store.