How can I post a large video on Instagram?

What is the maximum video size for Instagram post?

The minimum Instagram vertical video dimensions are 600 x 750. The maximum Instagram file size is 4GB. The maximum frame rate is 30fps. While there is no minimum length for vertical videos, the maximum Instagram video length is 60 seconds.

Can I post a 3 minute long video on Instagram?

Users can post videos between 3 seconds and one minute to their Instagram feed. Instagram Stories (the more permanent videos that appear on your profile) can last for 15 seconds. Live Videos and “IGTV” videos can last up to 60 minutes.

How do I reduce the file size of a video?

Three words: Compression, of course!

How to compress a video on an Android

  1. Open your Android Device.
  2. Go to the “Application Menu”
  3. Choose the camera icon.
  4. Select the “Resolution” icon.
  5. Choose your new recording format.

How do I compress a video for Instagram?

Method 2. How to Compress Video for Instagram Online

  1. Press Choose Files button to select the original Instagram video file for uploading to the online tool.
  2. Choose MP4 as the result video file format. …
  3. Hit the tool button to enter the Advanced Options page.
  4. Select the video codec as H264.
  5. Choose the Compression Method.
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Where is IGTV in Instagram?

And Instagram wants to be as simple as possible. A spokesperson from Facebook said: “Very few are clicking into the IGTV icon in the top right corner of the home screen in the Instagram app.

Does Instagram compress video?

To reduce server load and keep things flowing smoothly, Instagram uses compression for both video and photo posts. Another reason for the compression is the user experience. If there was no compression, some big videos and photos would take a long time to upload.

How do you send a video that is too large?

How to send large videos on Android by sharing a link

  1. Tap and hold a video in Google Photos to see the toolbar with a Share button at the top of the screen. …
  2. Use the “Create link” button to share your video with others. …
  3. After selecting a video, tap “Share” at the bottom of the screen.

How do I compress a 2gb video?

To compress a video file with QuickTime, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the app from your Applications folder.
  2. Click File > Open File and choose your video.
  3. Click File > Export As.
  4. Choose between options as 4K, 1080p, 720p or 480p.
  5. Select a size and export your video file.

How do I compress a video on Instagram without losing quality?

Compress the Videos

You can use the free software called HandBrake to compress the video while keeping most of its quality. Instagram accepts both MP4 and MOV formats for uploads. H. 264 MP4 is the recommended format to preserve the quality of video after upload.

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