How do I change the font size on Facebook Android?

If you’re using the Facebook App on a mobile device, you can use your device’s built-in accessibility features to make Facebook appear larger. Go to your device’s settings. Enter your display settings to change the text size. Close and restart the Facebook for Android app to see the changes.

How do you change the size of the font on Facebook?

How to change Font Size on Facebook for an Android phone?

  1. Step I- Tap on . …
  2. Step II- Choose Larger Text from Accessibility, which is available under the General menu.
  3. Step III- The icon can be seen right in front of Larger Accessibility Sizes.

How do I get rid of large font on Facebook?

Press “Ctrl” and “-” at the same time to decrease font size. This works in most browsers.

Why is my Facebook font so small?

Tap General then tap Accessibility. Tap Larger Text. to turn on Larger Accessibility Sizes. Drag the slider to adjust the text size.

Why is the font so big on my Facebook posts?

Facebook has quietly introduced a new feature that has confused and even offended some of its users worldwide. A status post of less than 35 characters now appears in a larger and bolder font – a move reportedly intended to help it “stand out” from longer, wordier posts.

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Can you change the font on Facebook?

You can change the font of your Facebook posts or messages using the LingoJam text generator. To use the LingoJam text generator, simply type your message into the platform’s font generator, select the style of font, and then copy and paste it into your Facebook post or message.