How do you comment on Facebook if there is no comment box?

Why is there no comment box on Facebook?

Permission. You do not have permission to comment on everything you see on Facebook. In a common scenario, if you see a friend tagged in a photo by someone you don’t know, you can view it but cannot comment on it. … You can only comment on photos posted by your friends or photos you have been tagged in.

Where is the comment button on Facebook?

Tap below a post. Tap Write a comment at the bottom of the screen, then type in your comment. Tap to take or upload a photo. Tap to comment with a sticker.

Why can’t I comment or like on Facebook?

Make sure you are correctly logged in to your Facebook account when trying to like and comment. Clearing your browser’s data cache, restarting your browser, updating the browser software to the latest version and disabling any Facebook-related extensions can all help to resolve the problem.

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What do you do when you can’t comment on Facebook?

Cannot Post Comments on Facebook? Here’s the Fix!

  1. Re-Login to Your Facebook Account.
  2. Clear Browsing Cache and Cookies.
  3. Turn Off VPN.
  4. Disable Browser Extensions.
  5. Check for Updates.
  6. Reinstall the Facebook App.
  7. Try Another Browser.
  8. Try Using Tailwind.

Why does Facebook say a post has 1 comment but when you click the link nothing shows up?

The reason why you are seeing “1 comment” but nothing showed up is because: That particular user who commented has a privacy level where he/she is invisible to public (which means if you are not a friend to that user, you cannot see their comments) That particular user might have blocked you from seeing the comment.

Why can’t I comment on my own post?

Posts can have comments disabled by their owner, and a post you can only see because it’s shared might have an original setting “comments by friends only.” The general principle with all posts is the original owner or the group it was posted in always controls the privacy of a post no matter where it appears.

Why can’t I comment on some FB posts?

The primary reason you are not able to comment on Facebook is that you have been blocked by Facebook. Yeah, Facebook has every right to block you if you don’t follow the rules and violate Facebook’s privacy policy. In extreme cases, Facebook can also put you in Facebook Jail.

How do you find someone’s comments on Facebook?

If you remember a specific user by name, you could type in “comments made by ” in the Facebook search bar. You can narrow down the search results using the filters on the left. However, this appears to yield more information about people in your friend list or fellow group members.

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How do you know if someone blocked you on Facebook?

Check Your Friends List. A fast way to see who’s blocked you on Facebook is to check your friends list. Simply put, if the person you suspect has blocked you doesn’t show up in your Facebook friends list, then you’ve been unfriended or blocked. If they do appear in your list, then you’re still friends.

How do you know if you’re in Facebook jail?

This is how you know you’ve landed in Facebook jail:

  1. You lost your account’s ability to post on your timeline or on any pages or groups.
  2. You’re not able to like anyone else’s posts or pictures.
  3. You cannot comment anywhere on the social platform.
  4. You are blocked from accessing your page or account.

Can a Facebook page no longer comment?

If you’re trying to comment on a Page, the admin may have blocked you from commenting. If you’re trying on a Person’s timeline, you may have been blocked by the individual. If you’re trying on a Post on a Page or in a Group, an admin or moderator may have disabled commenting.

Can’t post as admin on Facebook?

Check your wall-posting preferences

Here’s how: choose “Edit Page” from your Admin Panel. Then choose “Edit Settings.” From there, edit the “Posting Ability” tab and decide if you want “everyone” to be able to post on your Page, or if you want to allow only your page Admins to post.

How long will I be blocked from commenting on Facebook?

The block can last anywhere from one day to thirty days. You’ll just have to wait it out.

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