How do you do live chat on Facebook?

The FB Live Chat plugin will automatically be added to the menu on the left side of your screen. Click FB Live Chat and enter your website and email details. You don’t need to click the Start Using Your New Tools Now button because you’ve already created a Zotabox account and set up the Facebook live chat tool.

How do I turn on live chat on Facebook?

Facebook App

  1. Open the “Facebook” app.
  2. Tap the Menu icon located at the upper-right corner of the screen to expand your options.
  3. Tap “Messenger” in the “Apps” section.
  4. Tap the Gear icon located at the upper-right corner of the screen.
  5. Check the “On” box to turn Facebook Chat on. Uncheck the box to turn it off.

Where is the Facebook live chat?

To access the facebook chat support, just open Facebook on your desktop (it is most accessible in this version). Then find your way to the webpage of Facebook’s Help Center. You can do this by clicking the large question mark in the page’s top-right corner. There will be a link saying “Help Center” there.

What is FB chat box?

Chat allows you to see which friends are online at the same time you are, and then enables you to send quick messages back and forth with any one of those people, or have multiple simultaneous conversations with different friends. You’ll find Chat in the bottom-right corner of any page on Facebook.

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How do I connect to Facebook chat support?

Go to

‘ section where it says ‘Contact our support team’ and click either the Chat or Email button. See below for the Chat button.

Is chat and Messenger the same on Facebook?

Chat is on your computer and accessed via Facebook. Messenger is also part of Facebook but is an app that has to be downloaded for you to be able to use this on your iPhone or iPad – we will look at how to do this later in this guide. … To use chat you must be logged into your Facebook account.