How do you see someone’s notes on Facebook?

If a Facebook friend has notes available for their own friends to view, select More > Notes on their profile to view a collection of their notes.

How do I access Facebook notes?

Log in to Facebook on the web, click the menu, select Settings & privacy’, and then select Activity log. Click the Filter link in the upper-left corner of the page, select Notes, and then click Save Changes to view your notes.

Can you still view notes on Facebook?

On Left click Your Facebook Information. … Scroll down to where it says Your Information. Under that click where it says Your Activity Across Facebook. Once here, scroll down to see the link for Notes and click that.

Do Facebook notes appear on news feed?

New notes from your friends will appear in your Facebook News Feed when they post them for you to see, but there’s an easier way to see them by filtering out all the other information. Simply visit to see a filtered version of your News Feed that only displays notes.

What are Facebook notes used for?

Facebook Notes is a simple word-processing feature for Facebook users. While status updates that you post to your Wall have a limited character llength and no HTML capability, Notes lets you write full-length posts with formatting, tagging and pictures.

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Where is the notes section on Facebook page?

Actual Facebook notes appear in the left sidebar of your personal profile. To access the Notes interface, either click on Notes in your profile menu or in the left sidebar. From there, you will be able to manage the notes you have created and those where you have been tagged.