Is Facebook London office open?

All of our offices are open and occupiers are returning to their workplaces, with each business taking an approach which is right for them and their employees.”

Does Facebook have an office in London?

Facebook already has offices in the capital, including a significant amount of space at British Land’s Regent’s Place campus near Euston station. It is now understood to have also agreed a 310,000 square feet letting at 1 Triton Square on the campus.

Does Facebook have an office in the UK?

The London head office is Facebook’s largest engineering hub outside of their home country in the US. The UK headquarters works on global products and developing tech start-ups.

Where is Facebook Headquarters UK?

One Rathbone Square is a commercial building in London, and the UK headquarters of Facebook.

How many Facebook offices are in London?

Facebook already has two offices in London, in Fitzrovia and Paddington. The opening of the new site will bring the total of employees working in technology and engineering up to 1,800 by the end of the year, and to 3,000 in total.

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Why is there no way to contact Facebook?

Unfortunately, there is no way to directly contact Facebook – you can’t call, text, email, or otherwise speak to an employee or affiliate of Facebook. You can, however, use Facebook’s Help Center to diagnose and report a problem with your account. Review the options toolbar.

Where is the head office of Facebook?

You’ll need the users’ email address, which you can ask them for. With it you can send an email directly to Facebook – though they might not see a notification. … First go to facebook profile of the person and find the username in page URL…Then send email to the address…

How can I get in contact with Facebook? – This is the most general, basic support email. You can contact this email with any issue, but you should make your message as clear and detailed as possible so they can easily figure out where you need to be directed for help.

How do I contact Facebook corporate offices?

Phone Number – You can reach out to the headquarters of Facebook on the number +1 650-853-1300. Email – If you require any information or if you want to file a complaint, then you can mail them at

Does Facebook have an office?

Facebook offices is located in California, Menlo Park, but it has 85 locations across 35 countries.

How do I complain to Facebook UK?

Facebook (UK) complaints contacts

  1. Visit Customer Support.
  2. Call Head Office (USA) on 001 650 543 4800.
  3. Email Mark Zuckerberg (CEO) on
  4. Tweet Facebook (UK)
  5. Follow Facebook (UK)
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Does Facebook London hire from India?

How did you find job in London from India? Companies with offices in Europe and the UK are open to hiring people from India once they have gained some experience. Ex : Google, Facebook, Bloomberg,, Amazon. Bloomberg even interviews new-grads.

How do I contact live chat on Facebook?

Go to

‘ section where it says ‘Contact our support team’ and click either the Chat or Email button. See below for the Chat button.