Is YouTube video editor still available?

YouTube is getting rid of its video editor and photo slideshows due to lack of use, the company announced yesterday. … The company says enhancements like trim, blur, and filter will still be available through YouTube’s Video Manager once the editor is removed.

Does YouTube still have a video editor?

YouTube offers its own built-in video editor through which you can trim and cut your video, enhance it with music, and blur faces and other areas. … Here is how to use YouTube Studio, Microsoft’s Photos app, and Apple’s iMovie to edit your video.

Does YouTube have a video editor 2020?

To get access to YouTube Video Editor, you can go directly to YouTube studio (video editor). Or click avatar icon in your YouTube site > YouTube Studio.

Where did YouTube video editor go?

To access the editor, go to your YouTube Studio and click the Videos tab. Click the video you’d like to edit, then click the Editor tab. The YouTube Video Editor allows you to trim a video—or basically remove any unnecessary content from the beginning and end.

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Why is YouTube Editor not working?

Solution: this issue is less related with the YouTube video Editor and is more associated with the browser. If you are using the Google Chrome, Try using the Incognito mode, otherwise, restart the other browsers or reset their settings to default to sort out this issue.

How do I edit an existing YouTube video?

Select Content in the left sidebar and click the thumbnail of your video.

  1. In the “Content” section, select your video. …
  2. Select “Editor” on the left. …
  3. Select “Trim” above the video timeline. …
  4. Drag the blue bars on either end of the timeline to trim your video. …
  5. When you’re ready, hit “Save.”

What is the best editing app for YouTube?

More videos on YouTube

  • Power Director Video Editor for Android Apps. This is an android video editing free app. …
  • KineMaster Pro Video Editor. …
  • Adobe Premiere Clip. …
  • Magisto Video Editor and Maker. …
  • VideoShow.

Is TubeChop free?

TubeChop is a free tool that makes it easy to trim and chop a specific section from any YouTube video using a simple to use web editor. The final clip can be shared via link or video player embed.

What happened YouTube enhancements?

The YouTube Enhancements section was discontinued in 2019. However, there are still built-in video editing features such as blurring, trimming, adding audio, and choosing your thumbnail.

Does Google have a free video editor?

Try out the Google Video Editor for free without a watermark. … You don’t need to download any software or apps and can use the editing software online, just like any other website. Upload the video to trim, crop, rotate, add text and images, subtitle, or combine clips together.

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Does Google have video editor?

MovieStudio video editor – Google Workspace Marketplace. MovieStudio is a video editor that acts as a movie maker to create, edit and record videos, and mix videos, audios, images and texts.

How do you edit YouTube videos for free?

Here are the top six free to low-cost video editing tools:

  1. YouTube Studio.
  2. Apple iMovie.
  3. Windows Photo App.
  4. Videoshop – Video Editor.
  5. Videorama.
  6. Windows Movie Maker.

Why can’t I trim in YouTube editor?

Because Youtube do not have such feature. It shows the video as it was uploaded by its content uploader (person). If you want to cut anything, download Youtube video in format such as MP4 or AVI, then use software like VLC (which is free if not mistaken) to cut the content.

Why does YouTube editor take so long?

Why does YouTube take so long to process videos after they’re uploaded? When you upload a video to YouTube, it can take up to 24 hours for the video to process and be available on your channel. This is because there are so many videos being uploaded every day that YouTube needs time to process them all.