Question: What happened to Taylor Swift Instagram?

On August 18, 2017, Taylor Swift suddenly deleted all her photos and posts from Instagram, leaving the internet in shock. Taylor Swift’s Instagram feed completely went blank with 0 posts and 0 followings. More so, she even removed her display photo, caption and bio.

Is Taylor Swift active on Instagram?

Well, if you’ve been with her since forever, you know that Taylor is pretty active on the social media. She even once delete all of her post before putting out her reputation album in 2017. But true Swifties stayed with her – and she knows who her loyal fans are!

How many followers does Taylor Swift have on Instagram 2021?

Taylor Swift has 162 million Instagram followers as of June 2021 making her the eleventh most-followed celebrity on Instagram.

How many followers did Taylor Swift have on Instagram?

Taylor Swift (183m followers)

Does Taylor Swift have a child?

In July 2020, Swift disclosed the name of the couple’s youngest daughter, Betty, who was born in October 2019, with her <em>Folklore</em> song Betty, which also included the names of Reynolds and Lively’s other two daughters, James, six, and Inez, four.

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Did Taylor Swift delete her Instagram?

On August 18, 2017, Taylor Swift suddenly deleted all her photos and posts from Instagram, leaving the internet in shock.

Why did Taylor Swift block her comments?

Originally Answered: Why can’t we comment to Taylor Swift on Instagram? She might have disabled the possibility of her followers commenting on her posts. Celebs are often insulted know social media, and many doesn’t like that. By disabling the comment, the level of insults will surely reduce.

Is Taylor Swift engaged?

“They’ve been keeping their contact with the outside world relatively low-key in order to protect it.” Taylor Swift has apparently discussed her intentions with friends and may see herself marrying Joe Alwyn, despite the fact that they are not married or engaged, according to the assertions of the sites.

Who is the No 1 followers on Instagram?

Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano)

The first individual to reach 200 million followers on the platform, he should be crossing that 400 million mark by early 2022.

Who is the most followed celebrity on Instagram 2021?

Cristiano Ronaldo is the most-followed individual on Instagram, with over 387 million followers.

Who is the 2nd most followed person on Instagram?

Highest followers on Instagram in World

SN Instagram Account Followers [In Million]
1. Instagram 458917541 [458.92 M]
2. Cristiano Ronaldo 388378874 [388.38 M]
3. Lionel Messi 298629797 [298.63 M]
4. Ariana Grande 288541422 [288.54 M]

How many boyfriends did Taylor Swift have?

How Many Boyfriends Has Taylor Swift Had? Without including the ones who have not been confirmed to have been dating her, Taylor Swift has had 9 boyfriends.

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How tall is Taylor?

Taylor Swift, in full Taylor Alison Swift, (born December 13, 1989, West Reading, Pennsylvania, U.S.), American pop and country music singer-songwriter whose tales of young heartache achieved widespread success in the early 21st century.

Who is Taylor Swift’s husband?

Joseph Matthew Alwyn (born 21 February 1991) is an English actor.

Joe Alwyn
Alma mater University of Bristol Royal Central School of Speech & Drama
Occupation Actor
Years active 2015–present
Partner(s) Taylor Swift (2016–present)