Quick Answer: How do Facebook Custom Audiences work?

A Custom Audience is an ad targeting option that lets you find your existing audiences among people who are on Facebook. You can use sources like customer lists, website or app traffic, or engagement on Facebook, to create Custom Audiences of people who already know your business.

How long do Facebook Custom Audiences last?

The maximum amount of time that people will stay in a Custom Audience from your website or mobile app is 180 days.

Do custom audiences automatically update?

Your Custom Audience from your website will update automatically as people who fall within the rules you specified for your audience navigate to the pages on your website that have the Facebook pixel.

How often do Facebook Custom Audiences update?

Facebook defaults to custom audiences from the last 30 days. This is the number of days you want people to remain in your audience after meeting the traffic criteria or goal. In plain English, this means that when someone visits your website, they will only remain in that audience for 30 days after that visit.

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How do you choose a custom audience on Facebook?

Creating a Custom Audience

To create a Facebook custom audience, go to the Audiences section of your Facebook Ads Manager. Then click Create Audience and select Custom Audience from the drop-down menu. Create a custom audience in Facebook Ads Manager. Next you’ll see a list of audiences you can create.

How small can a Facebook custom audience be?

The Facebook Custom Audience minimum size is 20 users.

How do I target visitors to my Facebook page?

Bring back website visitors

  1. Go to Ads Manager.
  2. Click Tools, then choose Audiences.
  3. Click Create Audience.
  4. Select Custom Audience.
  5. Click Website Traffic.
  6. Give your Custom Audience a name, choose a Website Traffic option and click Create Audience.

What is the main difference between a lookalike and a custom audience?

Because while a custom audience is built with your existing prospects, lookalike audiences let you explore and reach entirely new people who haven’t heard of your business ever before, but at the same time, they are very similar to your buyer personas and your current customer base.

How often does a custom audience update?

For example, if you’re adding a custom audience based on website visitors, you may only want to target those who have visited your website in the last 30 to 90 days. Lookalike audiences update dynamically every three to seven days, so anyone new who visits will be added to your Lookalike Audience.

Are Facebook Custom audiences dynamic?

Regardless of the number, whether it increases or decreases, the audience keeps forming and growing, making it a dynamic audience.

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How do you use custom audience?

How to use your Custom Audience

  1. Open Facebook Ads Manager and click Create Ad.
  2. Follow the steps to set up your ad. …
  3. Set the ad to target your selected Custom Audience.
  4. Refine your targeting options. …
  5. Set your budget and timing as usual and you’re ready to go.

How do you target a Facebook ad audience?

Interest-based targeting allows you to reach specific Facebook Ads target audiences by looking at their interests, activities, the Pages they have liked, and closely related topics. It’s a great way to advertise your products or services to potential customers who have specific interests and hobbies.

What is the target audience for Facebook?

1. Users ages 25–34 years are the largest demographic. In the distribution of global Facebook users, 19.3% were male users between 25 and 34 years old and 13.1% were female users in the same age range. While Facebook users can be found at all ages, 72.8% are within the 18–44 years old range.

How do you choose a custom audience source?

To create an Instant Experience Custom Audience, start by picking which Instant Experience you want to base your audience on. Then, simply choose from either “People who opened this Instant Experience” or “People who clicked any links in this Instant Experience.”

Can you export Facebook audiences?

Navigate to Audience > Lists. Click on the list you’d like to export. Click on the Export to Facebook Custom Audience button.