You asked: Is Twitter good for teachers?

Outside of the classroom, Twitter has provided many useful additional advantages to students and teachers alike, allowing for professional development and networking opportunities, co-curricular learning, support at conferences, greater information sharing, and overall accessibility.

Should teachers be on Twitter?

For many teachers, Twitter-based professional learning can be superior to more traditional methods. … It found teachers think Twitter can help build relationships with other teachers and help them self-direct their professional development by selecting resources for themselves based on their needs.

How can Twitter help teachers?

Interviews, surveys and content analysis of tweets suggested that, as a professional development tool, Twitter is a forum for teachers to not only talk about their classroom practice and share practical information and news, but also to find like-minded educators and give voice to their ideological commitments.

Which social media is best for teachers?

So, to simplify this daunting task for teachers, the following list consists of the best social media for teachers.

  1. The Connected Educator. A great site for connecting with other educators is edConnectr. …
  2. Edmodo. …
  3. TedEd. …
  4. Google+ …
  5. Facebook. …
  6. Twitter. …
  7. Instagram. …
  8. Vimeo.
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How do teachers use Twitter in the classroom?

One of the most exciting ways teachers are using Twitter in the classroom is by challenging students to use the tool to complete assignments. … Teachers can also assign homework in other subjects, posting Twitter quizzes that allow students to answer a math or science question.

What is the bad effect of twitter?

Twitter may have a negative effect on learning, according to the findings of a new study. A working paper published this month found that the online platform undermined study participants’ intellectual attainment.

What is teacher twitter?

Twitter is a giant professional learning network (PLN) that helps teachers step outside of their classrooms and schools. Together they problem-solve, share, and refine their craft as educators.

What is the benefit of Twitter?

Reach a wide audience: Twitter has a large user base, which could include your potential customers. Using hashtags can help you reach an audience interested in a particular topic or in a particular location. Deliver customer service: The platform allows direct two-way communication with your customers.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Twitter?

Advantages & Disadvantages of Twitter

  • Pro: Massive Audience Potential.
  • Con: Balancing Post Frequency.
  • Pro: Widely Accessible.
  • Con: Full-Time Management.
  • Pro: Customer Service and Advertisements.
  • Con: Limited Message Size.

Why is Twitter so important?

Twitter provides and encourages communication between multiple parties in a public forum, allowing you to get instant feedback from customers and potential clients. Because the communication on Twitter is open for everyone else to follow, it encourages openness and accountability in communications.

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What social platform is best for education?

The Best Social Networking Sites for Students

  • Twiducate. Defined as a “walled garden,” this platform is advertised as a protected place for teachers and students to collaborate. …
  • TweenTribune. …
  • 30hands Learning Network. …
  • Brainly. …
  • ClassHook. …
  • Classloom. …
  • Blackboard. …
  • EDU2.0.

Does social media like twitter have a place in the classroom?

Yet studies show that teachers have been slow to incorporate social media as an educational technology platform in the classroom. Many adults think social media will be a distraction rather than a tool in the classroom. This has been found inaccurate when teachers are knowledgeable about how to use it.

What social media apps do teachers use?

A wide variety of networks that can be used by teachers, students, administrators, and parents.

  • twiducate.
  • Edmodo.
  • Twitter.
  • Facebook.
  • BetterLesson.
  • Noodle.
  • Sophia.
  • Tioki.

Why teachers should use twitter in the classroom?

Extend Learning

One of the best ways to use Twitter in the classroom is to extend learning beyond the classroom walls. Twitter can be used to encourage further learning by empowering students to learn from others on Twitter or even share their knowledge with a global community.

What are the benefits of Twitter to the students?

The nature of a twitter stream allows it to be used as a passive or active learning tool: learners can watch, skim, and surf, or tweet, connect, and produce. This allows you, as the educator, to plan for a variety of roles for the learner by task, group, or as a matter of learning personalization.

Do high school students use twitter?

Share of U.S. teenagers who use Twitter 2018, by age

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This statistic shows the share of teenagers in the United States who were Twitter users as of April 2018, sorted by age group. During that period of time, 38 percent of U.S. teens aged 15 to 17 years used the social networking site.